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    Ok so i am in love with this mod and i am playing it while watching ROTK 2010 on youtube, but when i was looking at a generals stats (Zhou Tai) i noticed that under the leadership trait it gave -6 to both attack and defense, does that mean it decreases attack and defense or is that just a symbol to add a space between the word and number, also this concerns me becasue when any general does have a good attack it is shown as a + sign , I was wondering if this is supposed to be or if there is any bug in the generals attributes system, i also noticed it for his River skill it said it was "expertiese" but only gave him -1 , this happens for other generals as well, it might not be a bug but if someone could explain to me i would love that , thank you

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    There are some RTW traits still left in the system, which means some of their effects are not in force. You wold need to trace the trait to see if it is an actual fighting value or relates to settlement defense\attack.

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