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Thread: Mission Accomplished!!

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    Default Mission Accomplished!!

    Steam link: http://<a href="http://steamcommunit...=501005092</a>

    Hi guys,

    The overhaul is finally done! Here are the links to the thread and the mod on the workshop:

    Forum Thread


    My thanks go to everyone who helped on the mod as well as all of you great mod users, commentors and everyone who supported us. This will be my last mod for Rome 2, but I will be modding Attila next so stay tuned for that, you can check out the Attila mods I've made so far if you like

    I probably won't be around on Total War Centre anymore and will be doing everything through steam and the official forums. If you need me for anything then please do not contact me here as it may be weeks before I see your message. Contact me on the official forums. Consider this hosted forum unsupported from now on.

    So, mission accomplished! Thanks for everything and I hope you enjoy the mod!

    - Sebidee
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    Default Re: Mission Accomplished!!

    cheers, its been one hell of a show to watch
    Fiat justitia ruat caelum

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    Default Re: Mission Accomplished!!

    First off i would like to express my thanks for creating a really great it completely finished or are there future updates planned?

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    Default Re: Mission Accomplished!!

    I demand you do it all over again, except this time lengthen each tunic, pant leg, and sleeve by 1cm.

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