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Thread: NTW Windows 10 compatibility

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    Does anyone know if NTW is compatible with windows 10?

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    My teammate upgraded to Win10 and he has no problems at all. Shogun 2 had some issues on Win10 but there were workarounds for that, so i would say you are good to go.
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    I'm having some weird sounds and some white block popping up, but the game is stable and it's running fine otherwise

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    I could not start Napoleon or Medieval 2 in windows 10. I ended up just going back to 8.1

    I'm not sure if maybe it was just a driver issue or some other problem, but the game would start and then freeze where the intro movie should have started playing.

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    I had no issue with M2, Napoleon: Total War, and no Windows 10-based issues with Rome: Total War (in fact, it helped me out). Rome II and Empire also work, so it's not the OS. My recommendation: either a fresh install, or if you have a Steam copy, verify integrity of the caches. If that fails, fresh install.

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    It works for me but it crashes when I try to use mods like NTC. It works fine with darthmod.

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