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Thread: Ottoman Empire Hotfix

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    Default Ottoman Empire Hotfix

    Playing as the Ottoman Empire, I noticed that the agent bug hasn't been fixed in this mod.

    The Agent Bug I am referring to is thus:

    The Schools / Assassin Dens do not spawn agents for the Ottoman empire.

    I have hot-fixed this myself by adding the appropriate agent spawn stats to the respective buildings.
    I even went further than that and added the possibility of spawning imams to convert some provinces to Islam, as there is a critical need for it in a heavily dominated christian world campaign.

    Also I wanted to bring to your attention:

    During the turn of the AI, it does something that makes my game CTD instantly.

    I have done some investigating and it seems Naples is the culprit.
    They have a single stack army in their city, and as soon as they move it out of the city, the game crashes.

    I believe it has something to do with a unit not displaying correctly, as when I tried to siege the city, as soon as the battle screen pops up (which shows each troop) the game CTD's.

    When I send a Hashashim into the city to look at it, as soon as the unit cards are supposed to be displayed, the game CTD's.

    I have tried loading an earlier save, which helped for an extra 5 turns, but I end up at the same roadblock as earlier.
    I hope this could possibly be fixed so I can continue with this most excellent mod!

    "You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain."

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    Default Re: Ottoman Empire Hotfix

    Could you explain how did you do that? What tables and which values should be modified?

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    Default Re: Ottoman Empire Hotfix

    hey there, anyone noticed that the Ottoman Army Nizam Cedid ( new order or Army) is useless? They are much worse than the Old Janissary army in everything. the 2 red nizam cedid units you can get, look like they are in rugs and not uniformed. ALso the Blue nizam cedid is just a bit better than the Militia.This puts the Ottoman in a huge disadvantage, since the other armies have very good soldiers. Even if you relied on the Janisaries, they become completely obsolete after 1807 compared to other armies. I hope they fix the Nizam Cedid.

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    Default Re: Ottoman Empire Hotfix

    How do you do that?

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