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Thread: Warhammer Timeline = possible Questbattles(?)

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    Default Warhammer Timeline = possible Questbattles(?)

    With the news around quest series concerning several historical questbattles with preset troops, like the Black Fire Pass (2520) example, I have done some groundwork on what to expect for our four playable races and possible second special charaters supporting our fearless leader.

    Focused on the time around 2502+, I included several "older" timestamps that could get relevant for the game.
    Without the aftermath from "Storm of Chaos", a worldwide campaign in the 6th edition, which GW completly ignored in the 7th and get back to the year 2520. And "The Endtimes" which was a story driven campaign at the end of the 8th edition, which kills nearly everybody and anything including the world to set the new stage for "Age of Sigmar".

    So if you are interested, here is a wall of text.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    The Empire
    2502: Accession of Karl Franz, reigning Emperor, whose first act is to lead an army to aid of the Elector Count of Nordland to repel a massive invasion of Norse barbarians.
    Aided by the wizards and war machines of the Celestial College, Karl Franz predicts where and when the northern marauders plan to attack. With his knowledge, Karl Franz prepares a well-executed ambush that devestates the Norse forces before they even realise they are under attack. The Emperor personally leads the Reiksguard in the final charge against the Norse shield wall, and in doing so, establishes a reputation as a brilliant and courageous military leader.

    2505 Present: The Deeds of Helborg. The Emperor dispatches the Reiksmarshal, Kurt Helborg, to lead his armies in battle against numerous foes; the Ogre reavers of Gutlord Breaskus, the Orcs of the Blighted Towers and many others. Kurt Helborg leads the Empire's army to victory after victory, establishing his name as one of the greatest generals and tacticians of his age.

    c.2508: Malathrax the Mighty, a massive Doomfire Dragon, terrorises Reikland. Several villages are razed, and the Dragon single-handedly destroys the Knightly Order of the Ebon Sword. Malathrax is tracked down by the Huntsmarshal, Markus Wulfhart, and his regiment of monster hunters, and ambushed whilst resting on the banks of the River Reik. The Dragon is slain before it can reach the opposite river bank after the Huntsmarshal shoots not one, but three arrows through its heart.

    c.2511: The Chaos warhost of Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord is defeated at the gates of Nuln.

    2512: Baugard the Rash, of Bretonnia, launches an attack upon the Empire to avenge an insult done to his infamously ugly wife by the visiting Elector Count of Averland, Marius Leitdorf. The short-lived crusade is ended before the walls of Helmgart when the knights are bloodily repulsed by the keep's massed Hellblaster Volley Gun batteries.

    2512-2515: Azhag the Slaughterer leads a huge army of Orcs and Night Goblins into the northern Empire burning and pillaging vast swathes of the land.

    c.2515: Slaughter at Valganof. Lord Mortkin's bloody rampage through Kislev and Ostland is ended during the Siege of Volganof, though the city itself is burned to the ground.

    2517: The Battle of Bones. The Vampire Lord Zacharias the Everliving raises an army of Skeletons and Zombie Dragons and attacks Wissenland. The Empire forces, hard pressed to hold back the terrifying hordes, believe they are doomed when a second Undead host approaches from the south to surround them. However, this army, led by a mummified king, instead bolsters the faltering Empire line and together they drive the shambling hordes of Zacharias back.

    2517: Battle of Bloodpine Woods. Karl Franz leads an army into the heart of the Reikwald to eradicate the Spiderclaw tribe of Goblins.

    c.2518: The Martyrs of Taalfjord. The Chaos warhost of Grakthor Flameaxe is vanquished when Volkmar the Grim arrives with an army of ten thousand Flagellants. Riding atop the War Altar of Sigmar, the Grand Theogonist leads them across the River Talabec, into the heart of the enemy force. The river runs red with the blood of the slain, and at battle's end, only a score of Flagellants, and Volkmar himself, are left standing.

    2519: Slaughter at the Six Spikes. Despite the heroic actions of Kurt Helborg, the Empire barley manage to hold back a tide of monsters during the Slaughter at the Six Spikes. The Beastmen army is only narrowly defeated when Balthasar Gelt draws upon the raging Storm of Magic to transmute the Chaos host into a forest of gilded statues.

    2520: Siege of Middendorf. Luthor Huss rallies the defenders of Middendorf as the city is besieged by Daemons.

    2520: Orcs and Goblins stream through Black Fire Pass in numbers not seen since the time of Sigmar. They are met by a combined army from Altdorf, Reikland and Averland, led by the Emperor himself. During the battle, Marius Leitdorf is slain by the Orc's chieftain, Ironjaw, but he is avenged when Karl Franz pulps the greenskins's skull with a single blow from Ghal Maraz.

    2521 Present: Word reaches the Imperial Court, that Archaon, a Chaos Warlord of unprecedented power, is uniting the northern tribes and preparing for invasion. Karl Franz's advisors also tell him that the Realm of Chaos is expanding, and in response, the Emperor rallies the armies of the Old World and beyond to stand together against the coming storm.

    The Greenskins
    -513: The Fall of Karak Eight Peaks. The Dwarfs, led by King Lunn, retreat after nearly two hundred years of fighting beneath the massive Dwarfen city. The battle continues with greenskins fighting the Skaven for domination of the old Dwarfhold.

    -469: Greenskins destroy the Dwarfhold of Karak Azgal but abandon it when they can't find the well-hidden treasure. The Orcs then capture Karak Drazh renaming it the Black Crag. Now all the mountains between Mad Dog Pass and Karak Eight Peaks are in greenskin hands.

    2473 - Present: Dwarf King Belegar, son of King Lunn, takes advantage of raging battles between Night Goblins and Skaven to re-enter Karak Eight Peaks. They refortify the old citadel and repel many attacks, but are themselves besieged by Skarsnik's Crooked Moon tribe and the Skaven.

    2498: Battle of the Jaws. Skarsnik orders a Dwarf army ambushed in Mad Dog Pass. Gorfang Rotgut, Chieftain of the Orcs of Black Crag, loses his eye in the fierce fighting. A loose alliance forms between Skarsnik and Gorfang.

    2500 2510: Orc Warlord Gnashrak forms a Waaagh! That rampages through the Worlds Edge Mountains for years, threatening to capture the Dwarf capital. Gitilla and his Howlaz are pivotal to Gnashrak's success, but leave before Gnashrak is finally slain at the Battle of Broken Leg Gully.

    2503 2507: Gorfang Rotgut launches a surprise attack on Karak Azul. Many of the Dwarf Lord's kinsfolk are captured and taken back to the dungeons of Karak Azgal. The Dwarf Lord's son, Kazrik, was not taken captive but was shaved, and his head tattooed with a crude Orc glyph. He was then nailed to King Kazador's own throne. Although Kazrik survives, the experience leaves him somewhat unhinged.

    2510: An army led by Night Goblin Spinny Backstab destroys many farms and villages surrounding Middenheim. Backstab is eventually defeated by Middenmarshal Kurt Heinwald, who has the Goblin squashed under a Steam Tank dispatched from Nuln.

    2511: Forest Goblins destroy the Empire town of Glumhof and fashion a huge totem out of the skulls of their victims.

    2512 2515: Given inspiration by the whispering voice in his head, Azhag the Slaughterer leads a Waaagh! into the northern Empire. After famous victories, such as the Battle of Butcher's Hill, Azhag is finally slain at the Battle of Osterwald by Werner von Kriegstadt, Grand Master of the Knights Panther.

    2518: The Forest Goblins are stirred up when humans encroach the Black Pit. The Battle for the Drakwald is begun.

    2520: The Third Battle of Black Fire Pass. The hordes of Warlord Vorgaz Ironjaw are met in Black Fire Pass. Marius Leitdorf, Elector Count of Averland is slain, but Emperor Karl Franz arrives to slay Ironjaw and rout the greenskins.

    2521 Present: Skarsnik prepares to lead the Crooked Moon tribe to wipe the Skaven and Dwarfs out of Karak Eight Peaks. Grimgor Ironhide tires of slaughtering Skaven beneath Red Eye Mountain and sets off on a new trail of blood and destruction.

    The Dwarfs
    c.-3900: Considering themselves abandoned by their kinfolk and gods, the Dwarfs that remain in the Zorn Uzkul turn, in their need, to worship Hashut, the Father of Darkness.

    -701: Miners working in the depths of Karak Eight Peaks break into a Skaven tunnel. The Dwarfs are alarmed at the extent of the ratmens's burrows.

    -513: The fall of Karak Eight Peaks. Enemy attacks increase until daily life becomes a battle for survival. Using poisoned gas, the Skaven drive the Dwarfs into an ever-diminishing realm as one peak after another falls. King Lunn orders his followers to rune-seal the ancestor tombs before fighting his way out. He vows to one day return.

    2304: Newly crowned High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer sets out to reclaim what was once the territory of teh Dwarfs. Mad Dog Pass is retaken and held.

    2473: Through many battles, Belegar, descendant of King Lunn, establishes a foothold within Karak Eight Peaks and declares himself King of that ancient hold.

    2498: Major reinforcements reach Karak Eight Peaks after winning the Battle of Jaws.

    2503: An Orc attack plunders Karak Azul and captures King Kazador's family, hauling them off to captivity in Black Crag except for Kazrik, the King's son, who is shaven and left behind, nailed in place onto his father's throne. It takes over a decade before Thorgrim Grudgebearer can free all the captives and track down and slay the Orc leaders responsible.

    2510: Ungrim Ironfist leads his armies to defeat the rampaging Orc hordes of Gnashrak Badtoof. The campaign culminates with the Battle of Broken Leg Gully, where the Ogre mercenary Golgfag aids the dwarfs, but later betrays them a crime for which Ungrim promises he will one day pay.

    2515: Ungrim Ironfist beats, captures and then ultimately releases Golgfang Maneater, saying it would be more sporting to hunt him down later.

    2519: The Battle of a Hundred Cannons. Greenskins attack Zhufbar but fail to breach the defenses before Thorgrim Gudgebearer and Ungrim Ironfist arrive leading armies to destroy the foe. When a marauding Ogre force appers the true cause of the greenskin disturbance the throngs unite with an Empire army from Nuln to destroy the Ogres in the largest concentration of artillery ever seen.

    2522: High King Thorgrimm Grudgebearer leads a throng to Nagashizzar in an attempt to free the future Everqueen of Ulthuan, who is the prisoner of the Vampire Mannfred von Carstein. Their quest fails and leads to a falling out with Prince Tyrion and the High Elves. After the battle, the Dwarfs force march north to Karak Eight Peaks.

    The Vampire Counts

    -326: The Dwarf city of Silver Pinnacle is invaded and conquered by Neferata, former queen of Lahmia

    1797: Vlad von Carstein becomes the Vampire Count of Sylvania, and marries Countess Isabella von Drak. Over the following two centuries, the remaining aristocratic families of the region are infected with Vampirism.

    c.2010: The Vampire Wars begin with the devastation of Ostermark by Vlad von Carstein. Undead armies rampage tirelessly between Stirland and the northern border.

    2014 2015: Vlad attacks Middenheim and is slain by Jerek Kruger, Grand Master of the Knights of the White Wolf, but returns to Middenheim within the year and butchers Jerek Kruger and his knights.

    2051: Vlad von Carstein is slain at the siege of Altdorf, and Isabella commits suicide rather than carry on without him. The Vampire Counts fight amongst themselves and their Undead army splinters into seperate feuding forces.

    2094: Mannfred von Carstein leaves Sylvania and travels south. Konrad von Carstein begins his bloody reign over Sylvania.

    2122: Mannfred returns to Sylvania and takes undisputed rule over the von Carsteins. He bides his time and builds alliances with Vampires beyond the borders of Sylvania, including the Sisterhood of Silver Pinnacle.

    2124 2145: The forces of the Empire and Mannfred's Undead army fight over a dozen battles in an attempt to gain a decisive superiority. After two decades of sporadic war, Mannfred is finally forced to retreat back to Sylvania by a combined army of Empire troops.

    2132: Mannfred von Carstein launches a surprise winter attack against the Empire when it is in the grip of a vicious civil war. He almost succeeds in capturing Altdorf, but is thwarted by the Grand Theogonist of Sigmar, Kurt III.

    2145: Determined to end the threat of the Vampire Counts once and for all, the various factions of the Empire unite and, along with their Dwarf allies, scour the dark forests of Sylvania. Mannfred is finally brought to bay at Hel Fenn, where he is defeated.

    2505: Itinerant poet and adventurer Felix Jaeger claims to meet Mannfred von Carstein in Drakenhof Castle.

    2506 2518: In an ironic repeat of history, Melkhior's apprentice, Zacharias, attempts to steal the Book of Nagash from his master. Melkhior awakes and drives Zacharias from his tower, pursuing him across the old World. Zacharias eventually hides in the Middle Mountains. There, he slays a Black Dragon and uses the beast's carcass as a mount, returning to Melkhior's tower and defeating his former master.

    2512: The Ghoul swarms blight Stirland.

    2520: Following rumours of activity in Drakenhof Castle, Grand Theogonist Volkmar despatches the Witch Hunter, Gunther Stahlberg to investigate. He is never heard from again.

    c.2522: Nyklaus von Carstein, tired of the infighting of his peers, uses his shadow magic to translocate his entire castle into the fabled nautical realm of the Galleon's Graveyard. There he becomes Count Noctilus, terror of the seas and commander of the fabled Dreadfleet. He is hunted down and killed in his lair by a confederation of pirate lords led by the vengeful Captain Roth.

    2522: Rumours begin to circulate in Stirland thjat Castle Drakenhof is once again inhabited by the Undead. Screams can be heard upon the winds and ever more people are going missing. The Witch Hunters grow increasingly frantic as the name Nagash is once again whispered in the shadowed corners of the Old World.

    I used only the 8th edition armybook timelines. If you have older books and find some other interesting timestamps there, feel free to add them here (including date, text and sourcebook).

    One of the new facts was that we get to our main heroes (Karl Franz, Grimgor Ironhide, Thorgrim Grudgebearer & Mannfred von Carstein) a second special char. Artworks suggesting Balthasar Gelt or Azhag the Slaugtherer were spotted early on.
    If these two are the secondary chars is pure speculation at the moment. Azhag for example would make no sense because it is simply another Orc Warboss. Wurrzag as shaman or Skarsnik as Goblin would play more different. So if you dig to your books and the timelines, focus on everything at 2502+ or older fluff that could be interesting regarding still living other special charakters (like Neferata, Wurrzag, Thorgrim, Helbrog, etc.)

    -----Red Dox

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    Default Re: Warhammer Timeline = possible Questbattles(?)

    im confused, I though in the Time of legends novels (the elf ones involving malakith and caledor) it stated that all the dragons are going to sleep and it is nearly impossible to wake one up ( caledore tried i think in the 3rd book ) i may be wrong though

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    Default Re: Warhammer Timeline = possible Questbattles(?)

    Those are dragons of ulthuan, which are said to be more intelligent than other dragons in other areas. If you notice they were starting to describe dragons through different magical traits. In that sense, dragons of ulthuan could be considered "high" dragons , despite that they breathe fire.
    Edit: also red dox, your timeline is legit. You could add some older stuff but it seems like their using 8th edition as far as army book stuff go. I was really vocal about having the start date at 2502, and I'm glad they did. I think the repulsion of the norscan invasion of nordland would be a great way to start off the empire campaign.
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    Default Re: Warhammer Timeline = possible Questbattles(?)

    I just don't like that they aren't doing seasonal stuff.
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