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Thread: Kingdom of Sweden campaign letís play

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_Nygren View Post
    How do you film it in campaign without a UI? I find it hard to control anything when there isn't any UI - have you learnt playing without a UI or do you have access to a camera mod?
    You can set the UI so that it comes on only when you scroll over it.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Despondent Mind View Post
    I love this mod, but honestly I wouldn't mind if there was a sub-mod that decreases the crazy ranges. I think its not good for mtw2 engine to have so much range.
    Are you referring to the musket ranges? Muskets could reach to 300 m, there are plenty of quotes of armies standing at such a distance and shooting at each other for hours or being fired from such a range. Or of troops being rallied at a distance beyond 300 m from the enemy musketeers where musket shot could not reach them. Vanilla has long ranges for some artillery, so it can handle it. Quite the opposite, vanilla cannot handle large armies of firearm units with short ranges. Play a battle with the two sides having many handgunners or arquebusiers in vanilla, you will see what happens. The AI will rarely be shooting you at all because all these units will be standing in the way of each other.

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    Apologies for having been away so long. Over a year ago my external hard disk where I was saving all my campaign records died (including the in-game recorded material, campaign and battles). I was hoping it was temporary and tried to revive it several times but I had no luck. which was frustrating to say the least. Finally, I have picked up again this campaign back from the point of my last youtube episode from a game save. Here are episodes 34 and 35, December of 1631 to January 1632. We only need now one more settlement to complete the campaign, so maybe one or two more episodes.

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    That really sucks to loose material like that, it happened once to me and since then I have an external drive permanently attached to my machine which together with a small backup program makes copies of my working files every 24 hours.
    I am actually paranoid enough to also make a full mirror of my system once a month, the good old 'Backup and Restore' from win7 still exists in win10 and works like a charm: Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Backup and Restore (Windows 7)

    Really enjoyed watching one of your videos again

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    You are too well organised. As I seem to remember, my hard drive became critically full and I attempted to move files to a back-up disk. While moving them, the back-up disk also became full and I was asked to move them somewhere else. In that process, the files I was trying to remove from my computer got lost and the back-up disk became corrupted, probably because the computer drive itself was also critically full and not everything was working as it should.

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    The campaign has come to a successful end in the month of March 1632 after Gustavus Adolphus, our great leader, took the 35th and last settlement required to complete the campaign! Most of the episodes in this AAR were from the year of 1631, when Gustavus Adolphus fought against the Kaiser's armies in the areas of Saxony and East Franconia. Here are the last two episodes.

    Goe your ways my Souldiers, you shall be called valiant, companions of Kings and Judges of the wicked.

    Robert Monro, His Expedition

    The link for the entire playlist is here:

    Thank you all for staying with me all these years!
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