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Thread: Tiny Problem with the Mod

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    Default Tiny Problem with the Mod

    so, i have downloaded the mod and it works perfectly, my problem is

    when i change the descr_strat file (the only changes i make are make the turn per year 0.50 and delete the show_date_as_turns, because otherwise the generals live 200 years and it is annoying) the game does not work.

    withouth this change i make i can start a grand campaign and it works with lots of cool new names but when i make these slight changes and i try to start a grand campaign the game just pushes me back to the main menu

    is there anyway for me to change these 2 datas and still be able to play with these new colorful names?

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    Default Re: Tiny Problem with the Mod

    It would be better to upload part of your descr_strat file so they can understand your problem

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