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    Hi guys,

    Sorry for the long absence. May was out because of university exams, June was out because I busted my computer and needed a new one! But now I'm all set up and am continuing with the mod, the expansion for the nomad factions (Royal Scythia, Roxolani and Massagetae) will be released in the coming days. I see the final completion of the mod happening around the end of July.

    Fortunately for me I will from now on be limiting my time on TWC. Severely limiting, like almost never, basically zero time is what I mean. This hosted forum will not be getting any attention from me, although threads will be made for releases.

    If you need me for anything you can contact me on the official forums, I'm on there more or less every day (it's a better forum). In the mean time you can enjoy a mod I just made for Attila, Sebidee's Minimal Battle Advisor.

    Thanks guys

    - Sebidee
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    Default Re: Mod Update

    Why are you leaving TWC pal?

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