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Thread: TWC Tag Team Tournament TATW Quarter Final 1 2v2v2

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    Default TWC Tag Team Tournament TATW Quarter Final 1 2v2v2

    TWC and Hotseat Gaming Staff present



    This is the second edition of the TWC hotseat tag team tournament!

    The first was a huge success, but we are going to take this one to a whole new level!

    Team Dale and Rohan:
    Dragon and Adanedhel
    Team Harad-Rhun: Arrow2daknee and Narsils_Shards
    Team Mordor-Gondor: Egyptian_Viking and Matto16

    Admin: JWANT




    • Long campaign

    • Manage all settlements
    • M/M Difficulty
    • 21 turn limit


    • You may reload your turn as many times as you want
    • Turns must be taken within 24 hours. Extensions available upon request, but please try not to be late every time
    • Please PM or VM the next player in line


    • Players cannot capture any settlement outlined in black (i.e. out of bounds area). There is no restriction on where armies and agents can move. So armies and agents can move into out of bounds areas, but may not capture any settlements there


    • No Invasions
    • Losing both your capitals (as a team) means defeat.
    • Losing both your factionleaders in battle means defeat.
    • You may gift regions to another faction, but all units except one which appear as a result of the transfer must be disbanded immediately
    • No gifting settlements at risk of capture
    • No heroic victories
    • Battles against other players must be auto-resolved. Battles against the AI can be fought
    • Post screenshots of all battles against other players: deployment screen and results screen. I think this makes following a hotseat much more interesting. Note – you do not need to post screenshots for lopsided battles, i.e. 1,000 vs. 100, but please mention the battle in your post
    • No assassinations or sabotage. You may recruit assassins to act as (expensive) extra spies, but you may not use them for anything else
    • No surrounding armies with smaller stacks to deny a retreat. You are allowed to block bridges or river crossings
    • No mercenary transport ships
    • All crossings points of the Anduin are in play
    • Units defeated by a player coming after you in the turn order may not move or attack on your subsequent turn
    • The previous rule includes sieges – if defeated units retreat to a settlement and the enemy immediately lays siege, the defending army may not sally out on the turn immediately after the defeat, even if there are units inside the settlement which were not defeated. This is because the game engine prevents the sally where the defeated army comes later in the turn order
    • Bribing is allowed
    • Sallying from a settlement under siege is not allowed if it results in the settlement falling to the besieging force immediately thereafter (on your turn)
    • You are not allowed to lure an ambushing army a tile further to bring it in range of more of your forces
    • You are not allowed to siege a settlement for the sole purpose of denying a retreat into that settlement. You must instead allow the retreat and then siege the settlement
    • You may use siege engines (ballista, catapult, etc.) to attack a settlement immediately instead of sieging for a turn first


    • No destroying any buildings if the settlement is at risk of capture
    • Exterminating settlements is not allowed. You may sack or occupy
    • On the turn you capture an enemy settlement, you are only allowed to destroy inns and cultural buildings. This rule stays in effect until you have held a captured settlement for 3 turns
    • After you hold a captured settlement for 3 turns, buildings can be destroyed without restriction (provided the settlement is not at risk of capture)


    • Whether a spy may open the gates of a settlement depends on the size of the settlement’s garrison. If a settlement is defended by 720+ elves, 900+ men, or 1500+ orcs, then spies may NOT open the gates. If a settlement is defended by fewer than this number, then spies may open the gates without restriction
    • Note – Isengard must have 1500 soldiers in a settlement before it is safe from spies, even if some of those soldiers are dunlandings (men). This is because the standard unit size for Isengard is 250 across the board. Rhun, on the other hand, falls under the 900 man category because its standard unit size is 150
    • The purpose of this rule is to allow players to defend their settlement without fear of losing their garrison due to spies. Its justification is that settlement with more defenders have better surveillance and it would be harder for spies to operate. I also want to keep the rule simple, which is the reason for the hard limit. So basically if you defend a settlement with 6 full units worth of troops, you are safe from spies
    • Spies may open the gates against the Rebels (AI) without restriction

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