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    Default Alwyn's Coffee-house & Library

    Welcome, feel free to sit by the fire, have a coffee if you would like one and read anything that interests you.

    After Action Reports

    The Lion and the Eagle (Venice AAR), here

    ir Amach: Irish Rising (Ireland AAR), here

    Kite Pp Mwen An Ale: Let My People Go (Haiti AAR), here

    Andraste's Children (Iceni AAR), here

    The Lost Colony (Cimmeria AAR), here

    New Town (Carthage AAR), here

    The Critic's Quill

    Review of "The Fisher King" by Squeaks, issue 45, here

    Ignis Aurum Probat: The Fire Tests the Gold, part I, here

    Ignis Aurum Probat: The Fire Tests the Gold, part II, here

    Writing an AAR: Ten things you can do, here

    Masterpiece Review: Takeda - Battle Writing, here

    Scriptorium Review: Starry, Starry Night by Merchant of Venice and Icarus by Lortano, here

    Scriptorium Reviews: Thus Spoke the Shark-Men by Copperknickers II, The Return by Iron Aquilifer and Theseus by Kip - by Alwyn, waveman and Caillagh - here

    Scriptorium Writing Competition Interview: Alwyn interviews Copperknickers II about Thus Spoke the Shark-Men - by Alwyn and Copper - here.

    AAR of the Year 2015 Interview: Shankbot and Alwyn interview Caillagh about A Long Way from Home - Shankbot de Bodemloze, Alwyn and Caillagh

    Review of Forgotten Realms of Germania by m_1512 - Alwyn and Rabbit55821

    Scriptorium Reviews: The Sands of Jaffa by Thesmellypocket and The Sins We Forget by Rabbit55821

    Reviews of Tale of the Week 257 stories by Admiral Van Tromp, Shankbot de Bodemloze, Socrates1984 and Mhaedros - Caillagh de Bodemloze and Alwyn

    Dodging Bullets: Overcoming problems when writing AARs

    Medieval II: Reviews of An Orcs Tale by Maltacus and Dreadbolt by Alavaria

    Medieval II: Reviews of Scotland: An Alternative History by Balor and Historia Rhomaike by Roman Heritage

    TWC University: Creative Writing course, taught by FrostySOTF

    The Call, here

    Andraste's Daughter, here

    Natsuko's Gift, here

    Interview with Police Constable Gurmukh Singh (an exercise involving creating a character), here

    Survive, here (part I; Part II is in the following post on the same thread)

    Truthsayer, here.

    Before Sunset, Before Sunrise, here
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    Default Re: Alwyn's Coffee-house and Library

    Very nice, although I don't like coffee!

    Makes me realise that I really need to update my own library with my most current malarkey...

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    Default Re: Alwyn's Coffee-house & Library

    Love me some coffee, mmm sweet sweet caffeine. The lifeblood of writers I think. But what is better than coffee. Some excellent tales to go with. Hope to see this collection get even bigger,

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    Default Re: Alwyn's Coffee-house & Library

    Very solid library, Alwyn! I actually just asked Caillagh about where the Critics Quill is at, well, guess I just found it!

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