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Thread: A Family tree for Lu Bu?

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    Default A Family tree for Lu Bu?

    Hey! I love this mod, easily among the best mods of the Medieval 2 Total War. But I was just wondering if someone can tell me how I can modify it so Lu Bu faction has a family tree? I don't mind switching his religion, which I think is what I'll have to do, but I have no idea how. I just really need some to tell me how I can give him a family tree. I just think it would be amazing to have Lu Bu become Emperor of China and set up his Lu dynasty.

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    Default Re: A Family tree for Lu Bu?

    You will have to open the descr_sm_factions file and change this entry in the venice section:
    faction                        venice
    culture                        middle_eastern
    religion                    islam
    symbol                        models_strat/symbol_venice.CAS
    rebel_symbol                    models_strat/symbol_venice_rebels.CAS
    primary_colour                    red 110, green 39, blue 24
    secondary_colour                red 110, green 39, blue 24
    loading_logo                    loading_screen/symbols/symbol128_venice.tga
    standard_index                    4
    logo_index                    FACTION_LOGO_VENICE
    small_logo_index                SMALL_FACTION_LOGO_VENICE
    triumph_value                    5
    custom_battle_availability            yes
    can_sap                        no
    prefers_naval_invasions                yes
    can_have_princess                yes
    has_family_tree                    teutonic yes
    That will give you a regular family tree, there are several tutorials available in the text editing forum for you to add details.

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