Essos Pirates submod

for Westeros TW 0.53 version

Hello all. I spoke with one of Westeros TW team members and he gave me permission to make very small submod.
This submod is very small and I advice you don`t wait from there new 3d models or newest campaign and other new things.
This is very very small submod for old good 0.53 version.

- New playable faction - Essos Pirates in Westeros campaign
- Essos faction have eastern line of units but with new textures
- Essos faction units have unique names
- Essos Pirates faction have own win conditions in campaign
- Fixed Rebels in Westeros campaign
- Rebels now playable in campaign and more powerful
- More population in independent cities
- Essos Pirates have own leader Lord Fahim as faction ruler
- Fixed text files of mod
- New historical (like in Ice and Fire world) names of units, more accuracy
- There are no now English rebels or sahara kingdoms in mod, all rebels have name - Independent Houses.
- All factions have more units in the start of campaign
- Saltstown have more garrison units and big population
- All factions have decent level of economics
- Win conditions for every mod faction!!
- Some other small changes.

If you want to install submod, you need 0.53 version of Westeros TW.
Put all files to mods/Westeros/data

Download link

Preview of some Essos Pirates units

Great thanks to Westeros TW team!

Regards Alex