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    Prim, a personal recomendation. If you could generate diferent roof and bodies for buildings changing the textures, then when you could mix the models. it's easier to create variety. In such way with 3 buildings bodies and 3 roof you have 9 options. Also parts could be used easier in unexpected ways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Primergy View Post
    Some more buildings are in the making:

    The Stone House (Manassas)

    and the Stone Bridge (Manassas)

    With your bridge model, did you use "platform" or "platform_ground" as I notice pretty different behaviours when experimenting with them. I noticed that troops would get stuck on the normal "platform", especially if there were EF lines attached to them, but would not get stuck with "platform_ground".

    Likewise, if you have been using EF lines with your building creations, in 3dsmax, have you experimented with "low wall" ef lines, as I have found that they don't really make the soldier kneel for whatever reason. If you've managed to get low walls ef lines to work, please let me know how! Maybe it has something to do with building designation (fort wall, misc, house, etc) in the buildings table, but I'm not sure.

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