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Thread: Youtuber Highligh thread.

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    Icon10 Youtuber Highligh thread.

    This thread is a thanks to all of the youtubers who have highlighted tuskmod, and its components. It is highly reccomended that if you like this mod, that you should support these youtubers channels, as video is a great, visual way to explain how things work here.


    First Tuskmod Video:


    Most up to date video:

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    Default Re: Youtuber Highligh thread.

    A new tuskmod battle is out, using a snapshot of the mod from its state back in December.

    Better buckle up, this isn't no ordinary battle. This is a 25 minute one

    I will be updating the beta branch today once I am done with my changes to it, and hopefully, I will be able to get a tournament going before the end of the week.
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