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Thread: Questions about purchasing TWW I, II, (and probably III down the line), now and onwards

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    Default Questions about purchasing TWW I, II, (and probably III down the line), now and onwards

    After looking through multitude of online platforms and also keyword searching on this forum, I couldn't find thread or comments that would sufficiently address my situation and dispel my doubts. It seems that this subforum is most appropriate for posting it here. Alright, here are my questions:
    Can I purchase simultaneously Total War Warhammer (1st and 2nd game, along with all of their DLC's respectively) on Steam in one country (that is either located in North America or Eastern Europe) and be able to, using the same account and the same computer (obviously) as when I conducted that same purchase, play those games in either North America or Eastern Europe?

    I would assume that I would have a higher chance of running into regional lockdown for my digital copy if I were to purchase aforementioned games in Eastern Europe (rather than USA), would that be true?

    Just to further clarify, the reason why I am asking is because I may need to, within the span of next several years, travel to countries located in those regions fairly frequently, back and forth, (which didn't happen before) and do not want to end up with a licensed digital copy of both TWW games (1st and 2nd, and probably 3rd that is down the line) that would be region-locked for me (while being oblivious to it at the time of purchase) without an ability to play them outside of the region where I bought the digital copies. I'm not that experienced with using Steam, so forgive me for such beginner level question and so I thank you for your time of paying attention to this post.
    Strangely, I've never really conceptualized this as a possible problem before up until recently, after looking through steamdb website and noticing that a lot of games on Steam, including TWW series, have region-specific packages and then also learning that there may be variable levels of restrictions on usage of the product bought within a specific region. So yes, after noticing how many region-locked packages there are for both of the aforementioned games, I've become somewhat paralyzed in my decision by the obscurity surrounding such possibility (it seems that it is reasonable to assume its possibility). I really don't want to end up in region-locked frustration. You can check for yourself the sheer quantity of variations of those packages, if needed, that I've referred to in this post on steamdb website: (TWW2) and (TWW1).

    I'd appreciate a lot your help!

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    Default Re: Questions about purchasing TWW I, II, (and probably III down the line), now and onwards

    I think the best would be to send a message directly to Steam support to clear any doubt.

    I travelled also for my work, and never had an issue, but I only have a handful of games on my work laptop, just to help getting through lost time in hotel during week-end for work related travel.. So it's likely none of these games were region locked.

    Big games such as Warhammer are only installed on my home computer, which by definition doesn't travel often.

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    Default Re: Questions about purchasing TWW I, II, (and probably III down the line), now and onwards

    Not sure i have the latest info.

    I have never ever problem playing games anywhere. That is point one. As soon as you own the stuff, you play whenever...

    However a few times I run into issue when I was trying to purchase game on steam and I was sitting in different country then is my credit card issued in. Basically you have to make sure steam store is set to your country where you have active credit card and you live in.

    This is mostly to prevent people to use VPN to utilize cheap prices in some countries...
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