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Thread: Radioactive Geese - A Post-Apocalyptic IH/RPG

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    Default Re: Radioactive Geese - A Post-Apocalyptic IH/RPG

    Skills and stats are now up. Sorry about the formatting issues that have thrown my quoteboxes into whack, I was using the old RB Interlude stats/skills as a base and those quote tags clearly didn't paste quite as cleanly as I'd hoped. The contentbox tags were also completely messed up, hence why I removed them entirely.

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    Default Re: Radioactive Geese - A Post-Apocalyptic IH/RPG

    Quote Originally Posted by Bastard Feudalism View Post

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Age: 53
    Region of birth: Born in the Emerald March of Alta California, but lived much of his youth in Silicon Valley under Baja California.
    Role: Public Relations "Diplomatic Officer"; Former Staff Lieutenant and Field Medic
    Equipment: Brown, irregular fatigues, wrapped and torn in places, overlain with a leather torso and a short cloak.
    He still carries some medical items and tools from his day as a medic, and in the way of weapons, typically carries a pistol and a knife.
    He of course carries all documentation needed for his job as a Diplomat and Representative of the mercenary company.
    Final version

    Name: Juan d'Orange
    Age: 30
    Region of Birth: Hollywood, Californian Baja Empire
    Role: Public Relations "Diplomatic Officer"
    Equipment: Jade-hilted Dagger, Simple Rifle with Sling,
    Biography: Juan comes from that stock of southern Californians who, following the old war centuries ago, became a true aristocratic gentry through a process of pragmatic politicking and survival, using the police as military, using gated communities and parts of LA as fortresses, and becoming all but fully exclusive.
    After some several generations, they began to speak just as much Latino Spanish as they did English, and many of their surnames morphed into something reminiscent of medieval romance nobility, though the Imperial family retained its honorable surname. Film directors, actors, tech tycoons, and celebrities galore - the war wiped out most of them, but their relatives and descendants became the gentry stock of a neo-feudal system - a system that became stoic, pragmatic, and then eventually entirely self-serving and elitist; Gone were the populist sentiments, the cultural desire for transparency, the ethical requirement to appear democratic. All that remained at first was survival. The war erased it all, except for the power of the powerful and the rich.

    Juan's family, the d'Oranges, claim lineage from several Old World actors and actresses, as do more than half of the Baja Californian nobility.
    Their main ancestor, however, who they can credibly claim relation to, is one Elizabeth Taylor.
    Their name, "de Orange", evolved probably out of the fact that Juan's ancestors have consistently ruled the Orange County as 'appointed' counts ("counts" are appointed non-hereditary governors, but the reality is often different) for the past seventy years, with only a few breaks here and there adding up to five or so years where the d'Oranges simply controlled a puppet. Juan's cousin, Jim, governs Orange currently.

    Juan was raised and groomed to be a government worker, as one might expect, eventually sent to the Imperial Academy in Long Beach to become an officer of the Imperial Directory. He took the County Exams at age seventeen, passing them more or less, and then moved on to attempt the Court Exams at age twenty - failing.
    He tried again at age twenty three, waiting the required three years, and passed. However, it came to light four years later that the young intelligence officer, though bright and promising as he was, had been bought into the Imperial Directory - in fact, he had failed the exams that second time.
    Juan was exiled from court and a scandal continued in the capital region for some time as the throne and its advisers attempted to ascertain who in the d'Orange family was needing investigation. A year later, Juan's father was dismissed from his office, but no more came of it.

    So, Juan moved on to find new work, and found the Wild Geese..

    Strength - 2
    Dexterity - 3
    Endurance - 2
    Charisma - 8
    Intelligence - 7
    Agility - 2
    Luck - 1

    Research, Level 2: Academic (+4)
    Charm, Level 1: Scoundrel (+2)
    Electronics, Level 1: Script Kiddie (+2)
    Lockpicking, Level 1: Lockpicker (+2)
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    Default Re: Radioactive Geese - A Post-Apocalyptic IH/RPG

    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Goldwater View Post
    Yep. Sorry for the week-long absence guys, I aim to have the equipment + stats/skills up by the end of this weekend (ideally, I'll have at least half of that done by midnight tomorrow).
    All good, do what you gotta do. Look forward to this starting, hopefully some time before school starts.

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