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    Default Imperial Splendour

    Mod Name: Imperial Splendour

    Mod Platform: ETW
    Release Status: beta
    Mod foldered: (Not applicable to ETW onward - if no, state the extent to which vanilla is overwritten)
    Mod creator\team leaders:

    Mod team members:

    Mod Description: Imperial Splendour is a major overhaul of Empire Total War. Still in developpment, the goal is to
    • rework the faction list, removing inaccurate factions and adding new ones ;
    • create unit rosters unique to factions and divided into 2 or 3 period, depending of history ;
    • creating new techtrees, most being unique to factions ;
    • creating new buildings and building chains, most being unique to factions ;
    • creating a new recruitment system, based on regions and similar to MoE (Master of Europe) mod for NTW;
    • reworking Campaign Mechanic, creating unique CAI characters for factions or group of factions ;
    • reworking Battle Mechanic to try to create a more accurate one in a way similar to Empire Realism mod for ETW;
    • adding LoS (Line of Sight) system to battle, in a way similar to NTW3 mod ;
    • adding unique and accurate new 3d models and textures for units, engine and buildings ;

    Other info on mod:
    • I.S is the main campaign, starting in 1700 and finishing in 1800 ;
    • I.S RotR (Rise of the Republic) focus on the 1783-1800 period ;
    • in the future, two other limited campaign should be release : I.S - SYW (Seven Years' War) and I.S - WSS (War of Spanish Succession)

    Forum link(s): Imperial Splendour
    Download link(s): Imperial Splendour download links
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