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Thread: Europa Barbarorum 2.08e is released!

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    Default Europa Barbarorum 2.08e is released!

    Greetings fans of Europa Barbarorum!

    Just so that everyone is absolutely clear, this is not the autumn release you had an announcement about back in April. This is a precursor to that release, its a test-bed for a whole host of gameplay changes, some of which may well feature in that full release. What this means is that there are no new units here, but a lot of the underlying mechanics that support the game have been amended, reworked or even replaced entirely.


    Please also note this has been updated to 2.08e

    What is this for?

    The autumn release will include new units and new features such as reform events. Invariably these are complicated things with a lot of toggles and settings which need to be calibrated correctly for the gameplay experience the team desires to give everyone. We won't necessarily get that right the first time, which is why we're pre-releasing some of those features, in a format compatible with 2.01. This means it's accessible to everyone, without releasing a complete update of the whole game.

    What we want people to do is play some campaigns with these new features and give your feedback. Obviously we want the usual feedback on bugs or errors, things you like and don't like, things that can be improved. But more specifically we want feedback on:
    • Campaign AI behaviour - does the AI combine armies properly and attack with large stacks; move with purpose; respond appropriately either to attack or defend; conduct diplomacy consistent with it's military activities; use balanced armies; use it's navies appropriately; does each faction feel like it is acting according to it's own agenda, not all following the same script?
    • Campaign AI economics - harder to discern, but does the AI seem to have unlimited money, throwing stack after stack at you, or it is more constrained than it was; is the replenishment rate change noticeable?
    • Early campaign difficulty - are the Rebel garrisons in particular appropriately daunting, or are they too big? How quickly to AI factions expand?
    • Battle AI behaviour - does the AI hold a line, execute a plan of it's own rather than trying to "match" your movement, try to turn your flanks with cavalry and light infantry?
    • Unit performance - does cavalry move at a realistic speed and have the right impact when charging; does infantry move at a realistic speed and keep their formations when moving and fighting; do skirmishers use their missiles properly and seem effective against unarmoured targets and from the rear; are elephants effective and realistic-seeming; do units generally have a feeling of weight and solidity to them, not like two blobs brushing against each other? When feeding back here, be specific about which units you observed.
    • Family dynamics - is the reduction in the Coming of Age noticeable, and how does it impact play?

    Note, "give me new units" or "dude, where's my Romans?" is not the sort of feedback we're seeking here - you'll get those in the autumn release.

    What's changed?

    An awful lot. What we've done is mimic, as far as is possible without compiling a completely new installation of the game, the current mechanical state of the development build. To summarise:
    Spoiler for Old Changelist
    • Text and user interface legibility change included, courtesy of Tux.
    • Faction colour scheme adjusted for better colour contrast on the minimap. Rebels are using their old EB1 colour scheme, which should make the contrast much clearer.
    • Updated export_descr_character_traits.txt based originally on the hotfix is included, so there's no longer a need to download that separately. The BadDefender bug has also been fixed here, and the effects of the general's experience have been altered.
    • Battle AI, pathfinding, formations, and campaign AI have been completely reworked. The AI should be much more active and consistent in its behaviour.
    • Diplomacy has been reworked, including a review of all the AI factions victory conditions, with individual faction-based AI, each with it's own goals. AI factions will now be more aggressive towards the Rebels.
    • As an optional add-on, Force Diplomacy has been included - you don't have to use it, but it's there if you want to.
    • Diplomats are now recruitable in almost all non-precursor governments, but for the human player only to prevent diplomat-spam.
    • All units re-costed, based on a consistent formula accounting for status, equipment, training and unit size. Generally medium and heavy/elite cavalry will be more expensive, light cavalry and medium infantry slightly more, levies and skirmishers much cheaper. Upkeep is generally lower, though not in the case of elites.
    • Free upkeep reviewed for units - all units with is_peasant now have free upkeep; many non-steppe cavalry units have had it removed.
    • Free upkeep slots added to the numidia2, pontos4, hay_caucas and helcol_one buildings. No change to free upkeep for Rome and Carthage.
    • Error in the kill rates fixed, they should now be sensible again.
    • Armour upgrades enabled for those units which already have updates to their skins, tied to the Hellenistic reforms.
    • Unit stats and physics have been completely overhauled, almost every unit has been updated. Skirmishers will throw their javelins, cavalry will charge effectively, phalanxes keep their formations, cohesion should be improved, elephants will behave appropriately. On the physics, it should feel a little more like RTW in the solidity of the units.
    • Defensive skill for general bodyguard cavalry standardised at 9 for all units; they are now more fragile than they were, don't leave them unattended in melee.
    • Archery attack value for Sarmatian units increased from 4 to 6; ammunition for all horse archers increased from 25 to 40.
    • Frighten_foot removed from the vast majority of units (mostly heavy cavalry), which should reduce the incidence of mass routs. Now only elephants, scythed chariots, Gaisatoi and Drapanai have it.
    • More tweaking of phalangites. Mercenary Phalangitai have had their stats downgraded and Machimoi Phalangitai are no longer a mercenary unit, and don't become available unit the ThureosReform event.
    • Scorpions now recruitable by Rome and Carthage.
    • Projectiles have been reworked, missiles are now effective, but not overpowered.
    • Changed the fade on spent projectiles - they should disappear quite quickly, so as not to slow down big battles with lots of missiles flying about.
    • Rebel armies spawning as bandits amended to remove post-reform units.
    • A small potential bug with quotes has been fixed.
    • A small number of settlements have been renamed (Oxthrakae, Numantika, Ak-Ink and Emporiton are no more).
    • Bosporans can now recruit units from the Hellenistic Poleis building, just like the other Hellenistic factions, an omission now fixed.
    • Koinon Hellenon can now construct the Poleis building, and use their colonists.
    • Hellenistic Poleis now allows the recruitment of levy-grade Greek troops at all levels.
    • Factional government buildings of Hellenistic factions (Epeiros, Makedonia, Seleukids, Ptolemaioi, Bosporans, Pergamon) have lost most of their recruitment options, barring natives, Phalangitai in the right places, and elites at the top tier. You need a Poleis, Colony or Allied Government to recruit troops.
    • Hellenistic colonies now give a different set of troops to the Poleis, with fewer overlaps. They are the primary means to recruit Phalangitai.
    • Phalangitai recruitment has been drastically curtailed, to represent the very real problem everyone had with getting Makedonian-standard phalanxes outside of some very specific areas (Pella, Seleukeia, Alexandreia, Memphis, Antiocheia, Sardeis, Ipsos, Edessa, Rhagae). If you want them, you either have to take those places, hire mercenaries or build Hellenistic Military Colonies (minimum helcol_two).
    • Elephants can be recruited with an Allied Oligarchy in India, Baktria and Ethiopia, and in top tier factional governments for Baktria (though only after independence), Ptolemaioi and Seleukids. Formation changed to horde to take advantage of special AI and hopefully fix their behaviour in sieges.
    • Three settlements; Massalia, Baktra and Oskobara; have had their culture mix altered slightly.
    • The placement of Hellenistic Poleis and Colony buildings has been adjusted. Emporion, Arbela and Sousa lose their Poleis building; Rhegion, Messana and Chersonesos gain one. Demetrias, Alexandreia and Antiocheia lose their Colony buildings, Seleukeia, Ipsos, Sardis, Rhagae, Edessa and Memphis are upgraded to/have added the second tier colony, Baktra gets a first-tier colony.
    • Mazaka and Khiva have gone Rebel, to more accurately reflect how they should be represented. Both have powerful independent rulers.
    • Karkathiokerta has gone from Seleukids to Hayasdan; in the next release the settlement will be moved east and renamed Shamushat.
    • Garrisons and armies have been updated; they have been made more varied and more regional in nature. Furthermore, Rebel garrisons have been increased across the board, which should make the early game more challenging and AI expansion slower.
    • A bonus to recruitment replenishment rate for the Hellenistic factions when played by the AI has been removed.
    • Slight adjustment to navies; Trieres fleets have had their recruitment cost doubled; Quadrireme fleets are now cheaper, but not as good as Pentere fleets, morale standardised. Furthermore, factions' starting navies have been altered - most have slightly bigger navies, Carthage and Ptolemaioi have gained in quality as well. Romans have the worst fleet of all.
    • Huge cities have been disabled for the time being, given the lack of battlemap models for most cultures.
    • Coming of Age has been reduced to 14 as a trial to see how that impacts play. There are a handful of new FMs at the start of the game as a result.
    • Akus Eporedoi's and Agosepanoi Combaro display names have been fixed.
    • Huge changes to the campaign script; most significantly the money script has been completely rewritten. The differences between human and AI players' economies should be less unbalanced. Hopefully that should help address the "one province, four full stacks" issue. This should now be firing correctly, aiding the AI not the player. Instead the AI factions get some early-game assistance and debt relief to prevent them going bankrupt (but nowhere near as excessive as in 2.01).
    • The Hayasdan Reform, along with Baktrian and Gandharan tribute systems should now be working. This includes a fix on the number of battles won trigger for Baktrian independence.
    • Hayasdan is now a Seleukid satrapy, paying a scripted annual tribute in the same way as the Baktrians. Break this off and it will mean war.
    • Koinon Hellenon Congress/Reform should now be working, revised to reflect both 2.01 and the development build.
    • Fixed the Aigai tombs and defunct mines in Pella - both are now there, but broken, as they're supposed to be.
    • All reform events reviewed and their closing monitors fixed. Similarly colony systems have all been reviewed.
    • A new pseudo-reform event takes place in 257BC, bringing in Euzonoi, Thureophoroi and Machairophoroi, which are no longer present or available at the start of the game. This applies to mercenaries as well as recruited troops.
    • Mercenary rosters have been altered to reflect the absence of two of those units at the start. Machimoi Phalangitai are also no longer available as mercenaries. Italic units will disappear in 100BC if you're still playing by then. Gaisatoi and Liby-Phoenician Cavalry no longer mercenaries, Celts (Galatian placeholders) added to Anatolia. Hoplitai disappear from mercenary rosters in 200BC to reflect their finally becoming an anachronism.
    • Diplomacy spam, with alliances every other turn, should be reduced.
    • Updated CAI to increase consistency and focus, better naval invasions and revision of diplomacy. More aggressive use of the resources the AI has.
    • Working colony scripts, courtesy of V.T. Marvin. Updated closing monitors for Hayasdan and Saka Reform.
    • Koinon Hellenon Reform working as intended, it is now possible to take the faction from the start to finish of this unique series of events.
    • Added horse archers to Hayastan government building recruitment - they're a temporary stand-in until they get native horse archers. Also added slingers and javelineers to reflect the missile-focus of Armenian warfare.
    • Persepolis replaced with Antiocheia in Hayastan reform conditions.
    • Removed the ability of Koinon Hellenon to found new polis buildings - this was never intended to be the case, their colonisation phase has ended by 3rd century BC. Changed the minimum KH government building required for a number of construction choices, to take into account the non-linear nature of them.
    • Koinon Hellenon governments now have a conversion bonus, up to 50% Hellenistic Polities. This means converting Small Hellenistic Poleis buildings into Hellenistic Poleis buildings will happen faster than usual.
    • Added the requirement of a Game Field to the pre-requisites for a helcol_two - settler-soldiers need somewhere to train together, after all.
    • Altered the cultural conversion bonus of the Native Garrison so that it only applies in the east.
    • Added three new pools to the Native Garrison - Galatia (only for non-Hellenistic factions), India and Italy. Rejigged existing pools to make more sense for the regions they are in.
    • Alteration to Numidian factional government building trees - both upgrade path and costs/building times. The numidia4 government has had it's recruit_pools revised - no more Balaeric slingers and Kretans on tap across a wide area, you have to go to the source to get them.
    • Slight reduction of Rebel garrisons globally, to encourage AI expansion. Moved some Rebel armies to the script, so they spawn when a particular faction is played by the human player, rather than all the time, again, to encourage the AI.
    • Flash flood disabled - hope to find a more permanent fix in a later release.
    • Increased kill rates from 0.3 to 0.35, which improves cohesion. Increased morale by 1 point for all units and doubled infantry shield values to compensate.
    • All javelineer cavalry set to skirmish mode by default (inconsistent before).
    • Some non-skirmisher javelineer units now have a heavy javelin instead of a light one. All infantry skirmishers slowed down slightly.
    • Assassins nerfed so they are not as powerful as before.
    • Includes HaHawk's Realistic Dust Mod.
    • Revised any FM bodyguards not using the correct (cheaper) guard units. Particularly relevant to Aedui and Getai, but there were many other instances.
    • EDB error allowing Allied Governments to be stacked with factional ones corrected.
    • Further alterations to campaign AI and diplomacy, and more updates to battle AI. Don't worry about early alliances, they should settle down within 10-20 turns, and won't prevent AI factions betraying one another if a good opportunity arises.
    • Another tweak to the money script to be less generous, and to withdraw the early support more slowly from smaller factions.
    • Revised General (ie non-FM named character) bodyguards and Rebel FM bodyguards.
    • Removed free upkeep from buildings which don't provide any troops, since this is redundant due to the way free upkeep is hardcoded. Given a farming and trade bonus instead.
    • Slight tweaks to mercenary pools and their refresh rates.
    • Increased the wage of assassins, to hopefully curb their use by the AI.
    • Yet more alterations to Rebel garrisons; in light of the more aggressive AI, all have gone up by one unit on average, unless they're near Pontos/Pergamon or Getai
    • Line infantry units have Guard Mode on by default - which should improve AI durability, especially in their use of the phalanx.
    • ThureosReform condition removed from Machimoi Phalangitai - though you still need either an Allied Government or Native Colony in the right place to get them.
    • Added some more Pantopapoi Phalangitai to Seleukid and Ptolemaioi starting armies/garrisons.
    • Reduced Steppe cavalry refresh rates from Saka/Sauromatae/Pahlava factional government buildings.
    • Added Native Garrisons to rebalance the change to Hellenistic recruitment. The following gain an eastcol_one: Hekatompylos and Sousa.
    • Also added some Hellenistic Colonies to some places, namely Alexandreia, Antiocheia and Dispolis-Megale gain a helcol_one.
    • Found another unit for Hayastan - Asiatikoi Hippeis - medium cavalry. Replaced Bactrian Tribesmen in native and eastcol Caucasian pools.
    • Segourina and Mada Asabara reviewed and amended. All shield values for infantry reviewed and updated to new formula.
    • All successors now start with a unit of Hypaspistai (with either the Faction Leader or Faction Heir).
    • Fixed Roman Trade Colony (there was updated code in the development build) - now possible to build it.
    • Reverted Coming of Age to 16. This does mean some factions will have fewer starting FMs than in previous versions, since they will now have to Come of Age before they appear.
    • Given Nisaya appropriate government building and added a herds building, since it's now the Pahlava capital.
    • Fixed carthage_polis and carthage_council regional recruitment pools - now broadly similar to the numidia4. Increased the availability of Libyans and reduced that of Liby-Phoenicians in the carthage_colony and military colony buildings.
    • Altered the requirements for baktria2/baktria5 and seleukid2/seleukid5 governments - they should actually be possible to build, now.
    • All Hellenistic factions now get a small pool of native recruitment with all non-precursor government buildings bar the top tier. This is not global, but in areas they had a close geographic or cultural link to.
    • Rebalanced ship costs/upkeep and refresh to reduce naval spam.
    • Change to the Industry building - added trade boosts for all levels.
    • Removed the requirement for a level 3 temple of fertility in order to have a chance of acquiring a doctor ancillary.
    • Corrected missing late units from lugia_protect building. Moved the Germanic reforms from descr_events to the campaign_script where they now have an announcement. Given them access to each other's late units.
    • Raised line infantry morale for most units by 1 point. Now averages 4 for levies, 5 for regulars and 6 for veterans.
    • Added This Year in History (starting in 271BC).
    • Cleanup of unit names.
    • Added Nisaya's government via script, instead of the descr_strat.
    • The version you are playing now displays on the main menu option to select a new Grand Campaign.
    • Fixed the Koinon Reform; now it will complete and you can choose not to build it on the first turn it becomes available.
    • Fixed the first announcement and 272BC for the Year in History pop-ups.
    • Sweboz migration building conversion switched back to 0.5 as originally intended. Also fixed the incorrect culture type in migration2.
    • Reset spy and assassin values to those used in 2.01.
    • Removed Anatolian Spearmen from far eastern garrisons.
    • Altered Carthaginian troops in the Roman civlib building - now only available in Africa/Sicily.
    • Updated Allied Democracy hellen1/hellen2 pools - they now have units pre-ThureosReform.
    • Rewritten siege BAI to deal with a crash-trigger.
    • Reworked hellen1 and hellen2 Allied Democracy pools - phalanxes aren't available in hellen2, which made one of the lines redundant.
    • Altered the age mechanics which were causing crashes on the Roman family tree.
    • Changed the descr_cultures to remove the Huge City bug. This also needs you to run a batch file to finish the job.
    • Fixed Gandhara Reform - there was a faulty event_counter triggered by independence that the EDB couldn't read. Meaning the higher tier government buildings couldn't be unlocked. Also fixed the failure to spawn the third army, allowing the reform to be completed.
    • Yet again, addressed the Koinon Reform - this time it was always available as soon as you clicked end turn.
    • Removed the AI BOOST for KH in their government buildings - added a recruitment bonus for KH on the polis instead.
    • Added a helcol_one to Demetrias.
    • Changed costs for Arabian fleet.
    • Review of unit morale for consistency, a few have been increased or decreased by a point.
    • Increased Carthaginian forces in Spain slightly.
    • Tidied up Taksashila reform script.
    • Expanded the starting family tree for Saba, Pahlava, Pergamon and Bosporans - two more children; one male and one female.
    • Upgraded Sauromatae starting infrastructure.
    • Reviewed and altered starting armies and garrisons.
    • Updated the labelling of all the units in the EDU, so they're easier to match to what you see in the game. Saka and Sauromatae unit names have been amended.
    • Increased distance from capital penalty cap - can now reach -50% public order. Also raised the cap on unrest from 50% to 80%.
    • Fixed the ultra-fast conversion of saba_tribal and saba_royalgov buildings when the requisite temple was present.
    • Updated Pontos with a native recruitment pool like the other Hellenistic factions in pontos2, and removed AI Boost.
    • Turned the 10 Seleukid Generals back into Captains. Added some small Rebel forces in Gabiene, Karmania, Hyrkania and Characene - basically bandits who might keep the early Seleukid AI busy.
    • Reduced maximum assassination chance from 95% to 80%
    • Increased experience of the new bandit bodyguards.
    • Increased cost of pirate fleets.
    • Added Kretan infantry to the polis_one (on Krete only).
    • For the final time, amended the Koinon Reform - this time the Sympoliteia/kh7 construction part. Building should now complete.
    • Added a colonisation bonus to the end of the Baktrian independence script.
    • Updated missing Field of Games description for Pergamon.
    • Slight adjustment to costs for Hetairoi/Hellenistic BG and Baktrioi Stragegou/Baktrioi Hippeis.
    • Baktrioi Hippotoxotai adjusted to reflect medium, rather than heavy cavalry status. Less armour but faster; cheaper and more widely available to Baktria.
    • Settlement mechanics altered; distance penalty will now apply; corruption capped to prevent negative income; health bonus cap raised.
    • Altered starting Seleukid and Pahlava armies/garrisons.
    • Carthaginian trade colonies now allowed in Allied Government settlements.
    • Changed apostrophes and quotation marks in historic_events.txt that was causing crashes on some systems.
    • Reduced some Rebel garrisons in major settlements and added armies to the region instead. That should make for more active Rebels and less passive expansion.
    • Increased battle experience of Rebel generals.
    • Kill rates for cavalry missiles equalised with others at 0.4.
    • Reduced maximum assassination chance from 95% to 75% (actually applied correctly this time!). Spies adjusted to make chances of opening gates lower. Enabled spies for the Rebels.
    • "Armenian" cavalry renamed "Anatolian" as intended, alteration to mercenary pools and recruitment in Anatolia made to accomodate.
    • Attempt to use recruit_priority_offset to make the AI recruit more balanced armies.
    • V.T. Marvin's update to Roman offices applied. Legate more widely available, Quaestors can be elected in other cities in Italy, and pro-magistracies last 5 years, rather than 3 years.
    • Spartan Agoge re-enabled, though not yet tested.
    • Rewrite of season script.
    • Update to Pergamon's reform script - now it is possible to fulfil by defeating any combination of big Galatian or Seleukid armies. Also added announcements, so there is feedback.
    • Added conversion bonus to numidia4 and numidia5 to help with late-game order issues.
    • Temporarily given Epeiros the ability to recruit Illyrioi Peltophoroi in Ambrakia to counter their lack of heavy infantry in the early game. They are replaced with Deuteroi Phalangitai in the full release.
    • Wholesale fix of entertainment building access.
    • Some text updates on historic events and units.
    • Altered Seleukid/Ptolemaioi balance of power in Asia Minor in favour of the latter.
    • Alteration of Makedonian government building in Pella; for the human player it's still a precursor, for the AI it's a Basilike Patris.
    • Ephesos gets an Epistateia epi Hellenas and upgrade to polis_three. Also Halikarnassos get an upgrade to polis_two, a helcol_one, and their farms upgraded to farms_two.
    • Removal of anti-trait bugs for agents. Indeed agent traits have all been reworked. HasAnc bug for unique retainers fixed.
    • Slight change to "early support" money script values for Ptolemaioi, Pontos, Getai, Aedui and Arverni.
    • Added an index of categories to the EDU, thanks Casual Tactician.
    • Succession script amended, so only factions with a family tree can choose.
    • Updates to Saba, Nabatu and Taksashila traits. Taksashila Mantrin and Senapati offices enabled.
    • New BAI (more reactions and regrouping) and CAI (more expansion, more active Rebels).
    • Fixed typo which was causing BAI to fail.
    • Updated Baktrian and Hayastan independence scripts - these should now work as intended.
    • Upgraded helcol in Ptolemais-Akko to helcol_two.
    • Roman provincial governorship implemented.
    • Spartan Agoge bug fixed.
    • Seleukid anti-trait bugs fixed.
    • Fixes of many antitraits and trigger issues. Not complete by any means, mind.
    • For those who use them, banners have been shrunk to be less intrusive.
    • Rebel armies added in Germany and Spain to slow early AI expansion. Changed Waldawa's garrison/commander to Balts, rather than Sauromatae.
    • Shortened charging distances and made a small tweak to the battle_config to improve cohesion.
    • Slight tweak to the recruit_priority_offset for elites to make them less recruited.
    • Rebel spawn rate increased.
    • Turned base spy chance back up, but multiplier for being in a settlement down.
    • Slight increase in Korinthos' garrison, and change of government from makedonia2 to makedonia5.
    • Another slight tweak to Baktrian and Hayasdan independence scripts - the indemnity should come the following year after a refusal of tribute, not immediately.
    • Restored government in Korinthos to makedonia2
    • Increased experience and traits of Rebel generals.
    • Fixed the fault in the Hayastan Independence script where war is never declared if you refuse tribute and indemnity.
    • Fixed the fault in the last part of the Saka Reform script.
    • Added punitive expeditions to the Hayastan/Baktrian Independence scripts. No more phoney wars with no response from the Seleukids.
    • Gain message attached to spoils traits removed.
    • Ambrakia upgraded from epeiros5 to epeiros7. eastcol_one added to Epidamnos.
    • Hypaspistai removed from gov6 building.
    • Native Italy pool added to Epeiros government buildings.
    • Update to Faction Heir loyalty.
    • Script to make AI Koinon Hellenon use the army on Krete to actually take Knossos.
    • Removed helcol_one from Side.
    • Revised govslave recruit_pools - now the Rebels actually have some decent options available to them, at reasonable refresh rates.
    • Updated Succession script.
    • Corrected one Epirote FM's missing ethnicity trait.
    • Changed all faction personalities to balanced smith (settled) or balanced henry (steppe), to allow all the other factors to influence their behaviour.
    • Amended some invalid characters in the export_ancillaries that might cause crashes on mouse-over.
    • Got rid of Toutanakoi's precursor rocks. Now they're just spearmen.
    • Moved Pyrrhos slightly, moved Alkemachos closer to Thermon, given Thermon's commander the ImmobileRebel trait. Increased Alkemachos' Command stars and decreased Pyrrhos'. All to reduce the Thermon trap for AI Makedonia.
    • Altered govallied roster in Latium/Italy.
    • Roman conquests are renamed like every other faction's - no more Latin names in parenthesis.
    • Improved colour contrast of popup announcements. Should be more legible now.
    • Updated the names of the Leusitane roster in the EDU, so it should be much easier to find them if you've seen the unit card in game.
    • All Rebel FMs improved to stop them being so easily defeated in autocalc - all start with 2 Command stars and GoodDefender (which gives another one when attacked). All Rebel governors made immobile, to stop them wandering off and leaving their settlement undefended.
    • Slightly increased the culture penalty cap, and increased the distance penalty modifier. Also increased the cap for law and entertainment buildings. That should mean more revolts.
    • Added new missions for Baktria. There's a new means to earn your colonists (they no longer happen with independence).
    • Added Rebel garrisons to two PSFs on Krete when KH is player.
    • All new, non-script-based BAI. Updates to CAI. See here for more details.
    • Reduced army size requirement when facing Galatians in the Pergamon Reform script to 1000. Should be easier to qualify for people not playing on Huge Unit Scale.
    • Adjustment to Saka Expulsion to prevent target armies running away. Mission scripts reviewed and amended.
    • Reworked Baktrian and Hayastan independence scripts to make them function properly.
    • recruit_offset_priority for navies adjusted to make factions recruit them. Pirate fleets made worse.
    • Altered Roman recruitment; less troops overall, more skirmishers in the mix, more variety.
    • Reduced defensive skill of Roman units to make them less overpowered.
    • Adjustment to succession script.
    • Reduced the size of the Egypt, Syria and Anatolia mercenary pools.
    • Corrected Nubian FM with no name.
    • Faction personality of Pontos changed to balanced smith - missed last time around. Upgraded Amaseia to eastcol_two.
    • Revision of Allied Government recruit_pools.
    • Update to money script and CAI.
    • Pritanoi starting position moved from Mercia to Wessex, more Rebel armies added to Kantion and Legambrion.
    • New faction banner for Arevaci - no longer using an upside-down Romani banner.
    • Antiocheia upgraded to polis_three so Seleukids can colonise.
    • Reduced distance from capital penalty slightly, from 0.35 to 0.3, and halved for camps.
    • Reduced corruption modifier for camps.
    • Increased impact of garrisons - now caps at 50% rather than 40%.
    • Baktrioi cavalry made available to all Hellenistic factions through the polis (though they still have to be in Baktria).
    • Updated the Roman spawn consul script.
    • Updated "Taking Knossos" script to terminate if the human player is KH.
    • Added port buildings to Ebusus, Gadir and Mastia. Also added port garrison to Gadir. Upgraded Lilibeo to market_two, added market_two to Gadir, Mastia and Ebusus.
    • Added schools to Athenai, Alexandreia, Pergamon, Kyrene, Rhegion (for Croton), Ephesos, Kart-Hadast, Syrakousai, Moridumon (for Anglesey) and Taksashila.
    • Added Game Fields to Roma, Capua, Athenai, Korinthos, Pella, Demetrias, Ephesos, Antiocheia, Ambrakia, Taras, Amaseia, Baktra, Pantikapaion, Sinope, Thermon, Seleukeia, Sardis, Ipsos, Edessa, Rhagae, Memphis, Ptolemais-Akko, Pergamon. Also added a Gymnasion to Sparte, Syrakousai.
    • Added Law bonus to port_garrison building.
    • Defensive skill of Maures Infantry and Numidian Infantry reduced.
    • Added hyparchia hidden_resource to Kypros.
    • Old script causing war between Rome and Carthage fixed so it only triggers once; rather than perpetually, irrespective of ownership.
    • Trialling new cultural mix in Iberia and Balkans (regions with the following hidden_resources impacted lusitan, iberia, celtiberia, dacia, thrakia, illyria). "European Tribal States" (rel_e) becomes "Northern Tribal States" and "Indian Tribal States" (rel_i) becomes "Southern Tribal States"
    • Added free_upkeep_unit to Komatai, Komatai Toxotai and Dacian Light Phalanx. Also to Caetratii.
    • Slight adjustment's to Pyrrhos and Makedonia's starting armies.
    • Machairophoroi added to helcol_two and polis_two.
    • Added Thureophoroi and Phalangitai to Carthaginian mercenary pool.
    • Switched the incorrect placement of ImmobileRebel in Getia Koile.
    • Update to Hellenistic colonisation - now holding three polis_two's will grant colonists. This means Epeiros and Bosporans have options without having to take a polis_three, though Baktria is still reliant on the Ferghana event.
    • BAI updates - to formations, cavalry behaviour and some other miscellaneous changes.
    • Increased recruit_offset_priority for horse archers, to prevent Steppe factions prioritising light infantry.
    • Flashing unit button is back, courtesy of Gigantus.
    • Updated Seleukid Royal Court script so as not to clash with Successor script.
    • Replaced faulty formations file.
    • Corrected omission of new base religion for Arevaci and Getai.
    • Slight alteration to carthage_poils, carthage_council and numidia4, Greek auxiliaries now available from greek2 as well as greek1 regions.
    • Adjustments to conversion mechanics.
    • Fixed the British Tribesmen properly, now they are just spearmen.
    • Fixed some more immobile armies/mobile garrisons.
    • Updated three provinces with hidden_resource thrakia with their rel_i amendment.
    • Upgraded market in Pella and port in Korinthos. Added helcol_one to Pella.
    • Turned the conversion rates down a touch (to 1/20th their previous rates).
    • More adjustments and fixes to BAI. Small tweaks to CAI.
    • Changed animation for British Tribesmen.
    • Given Pergamon a starting fleet.
    • Updated colonisation script.
    • After consultation with historians, Pergamene fleet removed - they did not have a standing navy.
    • Taksashila (and India) switched from Urban Tribal to Eastern Imperial "religion".
    • Alterations to morale of Celtic veteran/elite troops. Increased size of Drutonedammoi.
    • Revised Celtic and Celto-Thracian Allied Government pools, and corrected mistake in Massalia pool.
    • Updated Rebel recruitment to be slightly broader and more generous.
    • Revised recruitment in Migration and Confederation governments for Aedui, Arverni, Boii, Getai, Leusitane and Arevaci.
    • Hordes reduced in size and durability.
    • BAI and CAI updates.
    • Pathfinding update.
    • Alteration to stats for Hoplitai Haploi and merc Hoplitai. Also morale for north African units. And stats for Ioudaioi Taxeis.
    • Revision of mercenary pools. Most of them have been rewritten, and those which were out of balance adjusted.
    • Further alteration to Migration governments.
    • Removal of celtic hidden_resource from Beripara.
    • Update to Lugian and Getai recruitment. Adjustment to first Sauromatian government building.
    • Cleaned up overlapping recruitment in eastern Balkans.
    • Alteration of Bosporan government buildings - no more Hellenistic troops (barring the top tier). Small changes to Pontos recruitment.
    • Removal of Pontikoi Doryphoroi from Anatolian recruitment - they're a unit from the northern Euxine shore, not the southern.
    • Increased size (and cost) of Toutanakoi and reduced cost of Katioi.
    • Addition of new early assistance money script.
    • Increased recruit_offset_priority of ships slightly. Increased that of javelineers slightly, to make them more favoured than archers/slingers.
    • CAI and pathfinding updates.
    • Added Kombarogoues unit card to slave folder to prevent CTDs.
    • Removed skirmishing from Khamis. Altered Illyrioi Hoplitai to match their description as (better than average) levies. Reduced Leves javelin attack to match other levy skirmishers.
    • Corrected overlapping recruitment for Allied Governments in Illyria Hellenike, Kalabria and Brettia. Added a placeholder pool for Patava.
    • Fixed Seleukid Royal Court appointment - no more script error causing CTD.
    • Some display text updates.
    • Another adjustment to Illyrioi Hoplitai.
    • Slight change to garrisons.
    • Reworked two of the Bosporan government buildings - the Tyrranos and Oligarchy are now like the Supervised Native Administration and Native Administration buildings of other Hellenistic factions.
    • Posted the correct campaign_script this time.
    • Trialling a limit of no more than 4 assassins per AI faction.
    • More elegant version of the assassin restriction script.
    • New bodyguard unit for the Getai FMs - now use Boii Donno Eporedoi.
    • Revision of recruitment in Dacia Proper and Mikra Skythia pools in govgetai building.
    • Added a Trader to Buridava.
    • Changed Kombarogoues primary weapon to a heavy javelin, to match model. Drutonedammoi made spearmen only.
    • A small fix to the Baktrian Mission script.
    • Further update to Baktrian mission to make certain it triggers.
    • Tweaks to Baktrian and Hayastan independence scripts. Captures are monitored when they're in rebellion.
    • Doubled chances of Mauryan punitive expeditions spawning, to ensure reform script triggers properly.
    • Added a market to Chighu
    • Added a Patava pool to Epirote Native/Supervised Native Admin, and to Celtic migration governments.
    • Revision of Roman civlib to put in a clearer structure to the pools and added an Anatolian pool.
    • Lugian governments brought into conformity with other "barbarian" ones.
    • Added slingers to the Illyrian pools. Added a placeholder Thraikian pool to Hellenistic governments.
    • Tweaks to carthage_poils, carthage_council and numidia4 governments.
    • Reform-oriented tweaks to greek1, greek2, hellen1 and hellen2 Allied Government pools. Also to polis and helcol buildings.
    • Replaced Cappadocian Cavalry with Anatolian Medium Cavalry.
    • Update to Pontic factional governments - pontos2 and pontos3 revised to be more like Hellenistic pools - ie local levies.
    • Quick update of govgandara and govsaba - closed double-counting and altered some pools.
    • Big update of Iberian pools - we have new "Iberian Levy Spearman" and "Iberian Levy Skirmiser" units (ie renaming and repurposing of existing units).
    • Doubled Rebel recruit_pool refresh rates (but left pool caps unchanged).
    • Increased economic support for Makedonia, Numidia and Saka.
    • CAI updates to defense rules and diplomacy.
    • Recosted Illyrians and Hoplitai Haploi. Tweaks to Celtiberian Skirmishers and Leusitane Light Spearmen.
    • Review of cavalry stamina for consistency; heavy and most medium cavalry do not have hardy, missile and skirmish cavalry all do. Steppe cavalry have very_hardy to represent their practise of each warrior having remounts.
    • Review of infantry mass for consistency. Numerous skirmishers standardised.
    • Iberian and Eastern light cavalry put on ponies instead of horses.
    • Removal of illyria from Landa Skordiskoii
    • Updated diplomacy screen UI for cul_3 that was reversing confirm/deny.
    • Re-enabled huge_stone_walls for Hellenistic and other factions that were disabled.
    • CAI, diplomacy and pathfinding updates. Implemented different skirmishing distances for javelin and archer cavalry. Update to reinforcement AI.
    • EDIT: Corrected some errors in recruitment of Eastern cavalry.
    • Uazali removed from Anatolian levy pools. Restructured Anatolian recruit pools more generally.
    • Getic Mezenai armour reduced by 2 points on review.
    • Cappadocian Tribesmen re-statted as skirmishers.
    • Correction to Roman military tribune trigger and Marian reform trait.
    • Updated requirements to upgrade to hay_imperial. Alterations to Hayastan government pools.
    • Leusitane switched from rel_f to rel_i.
    • Levies removed from eastcol (Native Garrison)
    • Alteration of Pontos starting armies.
    • Fixed the bugged Amber Route building in Histria.
    • Hippeis given the secondary weapon (a shorter spear) they already had.
    • Fix to basic trait (Sharp/Charismatic/Vigorous) inheritance.
    • Adjusted cost and recruit_priority_offset of Arabian ships to address naval spam.
    • Iberians using the scutarii shield now late/reform units.
    • Rejig of herds building pools. Iberian units removed
    • Rework of mercenary pools to take into account troops phasing in and out.
    • Slight increase to Makedonian forces in the Peloponnese and moved both armies.
    • Brakara and Lankia converted from camps to villages.
    • Army in Sinope removed.
    • Agent cap on AI diplomats; they can recruit no more than 4.
    • Pools switched between Bosporan Tyrranos and Oligarchy governments.
    • Tidy up of hidden_resource requirements for numerous factional governments.
    • Reviewed and amended the early assistance money script. Also reworked withdrawal of assistance. Essentially most factions have been equalised.
    • Cap on diplomats should actually work now.
    • Update to Bosporan Tyrannos government. Tyrannos reworked (like Pontic Philos), Oligarcy reviewed for applicability in intended areas.
    • Added new royal_core hidden_resource, primarily for Pontic Hypobasileia, but may have other uses later.
    • Corrected the Taksashila Independence script (courtesy of myarta).
    • Amendment to the Baktrian section of the colonist script to ensure it fires when it should.
    • Bonus Rebel recruitment in Syrakousai.
    • Fixed Akontistai's melee attack value.
    • Updated recruitment in the hay_caucas and hay_satrap. Also altered parth_pbm and parth_sat.
    • Added Nabataens to third tier of roads_garrison.
    • Removed the walls from Lankia and Brakara that prevent them being upgraded.
    • Reviewed Saka reform script.
    • Reworked Sauromatian and Saka Admin buildings. Also corrected the lack of local troops in later Saka buildings.
    • Changes to requirements of migration governments. Expansion of Leusitane and Arevaci Confed pools to cover each other's homelands.
    • Properly fixed the Toutanakoi. They now use underhand spears as intended.
    • Added Patava pool to Roman civlib.
    • Increased cost of Pontomora Fleet to reduce barbarian naval spam.
    • Raised max adoption age from 30 to 45 - should hopefully mean more FMs for Teutonic factions.
    • Removed colonist requirement for Carthaginian colony precursor building. Fixed faulty requirement for trade colony.
    • Mastia removed from Carthage - turned Rebel. Garrison moved to Gader. Mastia renamed Kart-Hadast if taken by Carthage.
    • Added native pool to Carthaginian Allied Colony. Expansion of several merc pools for Carthage (only).
    • Removed bonuses from govallied and raised cost by 100 mnai - to encourage AI to build other government buildings. Also moved it to the bottom of the government section.
    • Gaesatae recruitment fixed - only in the Rhone valley.
    • Increased morale of Perkwunas and Slaganz.
    • Apollodoros (Pergamene FM) ethnicity fixed when Comes of Age.
    • Client Rulers implemented. They can be recruited in the Allied Government precursor building - the first step in establishing one. But the refresh is deliberately low; if they die you need to destroy the building and start again.
    • Nabataean Horse Archers removed from southern Arabian pools and starting garrisons. Left in mercenary pools, however.
    • Taksashila switched back to rel_i.
    • Elephants restored to a military formation.
    • Completely reworked and re-concepted the eastcol building - now a Foreign Military Settlers building.
    • Correction to the Felsina mission for Boii - faulty distance trigger now fixed.
    • New money script using inc_kings_purse instead of console_command add_money (allegedly the AI can "see" the former, where the latter is treated as mysterious free money). Reduced surplus on debt relief. Equalised withdrawal of support so everyone is impacted the same at 6+ provinces.
    • Amendments to the availability of "Galatians" and "Thracians" in the helcol.
    • Updated KH Archon titles script - courtesy of gosam.
    • Disabled AI-KH auto-siege-Knossos script. Added rebel garrisons to minor settlements on Krete.
    • Numerous changes to diplomacy, faction relations CAI and BAI.
    • Eastern and Steppe Client info card replaced with one that won't cause CTDs. Steppe Client Rulers added to Parthia. Fix to silver surfer Client Rulers. Adjustment to what is available in Arabia - east now gets Iranian Clients. Fix to stop Client Rulers becoming Hegemons. Fix to recruitment in villages.
    • Replaced eastern_axeman model with one that actually has javelins - thank Sylon for that.
    • Sauromatian and Sakan early government buildings brought into line with the Pahlavan ones which are the model. This means regional recruitment options both pre- and post-reform.
    • Removed the requirement for your own army to be 1000 or more men from the Pergamon reform script.
    • Fix to the "Olympic cycle" script that was failing to fire in the case of Carthginian (and possibly Hellenistic) colonisation.
    • Removed colony-point cost of Carthaginian precursor colony. Gadir and Atiqa upgraded to carthage_polis governments.
    • Update to projectiles that was preventing archers and slingers firing properly with their new BAI.
    • Reduced Roman colonial recruitment pools.
    • Unreachable Rebel in Saka-land moved. Saka can now build Native Colonies after their reform.
    • Another rejig of the money script - moving debt relief and withdrawal of assistance above the annual bounty and adjusting for the weaker factions.
    • Major overhaul of the Hellenistic Colony - now regionalised and varied. No more Kretikoi in Afghanistan.
    • Some tweaks to Numidian government pools (numidia3 and numidia4) to give them some better options if they take Carthaginian territory. Also in Libya (using Carthaginian-Libyan units).
    • Changed relative recruit_priority_offset of Libyan Infantry and Numidian Cavalry to encourage AI-Carthage not to spam the former.
    • Changed rename of Mastia when taken by Carthage to Qart-Hadast just in case same name as the capital causes issues.
    • Added a free upkeep slot to Carthaginian Settler Colonies.
    • All Iberian cavalry (not just the skirmisher) put on ponies - the Iberian horse was quite small.
    • Relaxed the prerequisites on some infrastructure buildings so that more can be done with an Allied Government.
    • Updates to archer formations and BAI to make them usable again. Distinction between levies and more professional types - the latter can fire co-ordinated/synchronised volleys.
    • EDIT: Revised Indian recruitment - elephants in the local_city and gandhara_urban
    • EDIT: Corrected error in mines requirements.
    • EDIT: Moved Bosporan BG to share that of the Sauromatians.
    • EDIT: Increased the cost of alliedstate to discourage AI construction still further.
    • EDIT: Fix to Sphendonetai skirmishing.
    • Some more archer adjustments.
    • Revision of Arabian recruitment.
    • Moved Allied Government requirements for infrastructure to the end of the lines.
    • Added Hayastan war-trigger over Kartli.
    • Corrected error introduced into Baktrian mission. Also the Galatian trigger in Pergamon Kingship script.
    • Corrected ethnicity entry for Maeotis Client Ruler.
    • Changed polis_two requirement for Bosporans to Oligarchy.
    • Adjusted some financial support to rein in Pergamon and Makedonia.
    • Corrected the name-change part of the script.
    • Changes to the factional precursor and alliedstate bonuses/penalties to encourage the AI to build factional.
    • AI Governor bonuses reduced to make it harder for them to cope with unrest.
    • Corrected non-displaying of Rector Provinciae trait.
    • Some minor changes to Italian regional recruitment for Numidia and Carthage.
    • Adjustment to Saka reform script - no longer linking Royal Satrapy to royal_core hidden_resource - instead you can build one wherever you like.
    • Reverted to CAI more in the vein of 2.03-2.05 - ie more aggressive.
    • More BAI updates
    • Alteration to the campaign-difficulty-related triggers for AIGovernor and AIGeneral
    • Removed royal_core from Alexandropolis and Girnar.
    • Plugged hole in Italic Client availability that had them in Britain. Same with eastcol recruitment on Shardin/Korsim.
    • Replaced faction_standing file with one shorn of irrelevant, error-logging vanilla lines.
    • Adjustment of Anatolian Spearmen and Hai Spearmen and knock-on effect on Armenian roster.
    • Naval recruitment added to Caucasus.
    • Adjustment of Good/Bad Disciplinarian and impact of sacking/not sacking settlements.
    • Fixed the crash-causing BAI/siege bug.
    • Fix to Faction Leader trait to make it "stick"
    • Corrected erroneous Sweboz event_counter in the Lugian government buildings.
    • Anatolian Archers made more like the other Anatolian highlander units - can now skirmish. Another adjustment of Anatolian and Armenian Spearmen.
    • Added some Khuveshavagan to Hayastan's government buildings as a placeholder for the (much heavier) Cataphracts.
    • Fixed the un-upgrade-able converted settlement bug.
    • Removed most of the family tree from "Teutonic" factions - which should prevent any Coming of Age and faulty ethnicities.
    • Corrected some syntax errors in the EDCT and EDA. Primary impact on Taksashila offices which should now function correctly.
    • Highlanders recruited from certain Pontic and Armenian government buildings start with experience.
    • Corrections to Hayastan and Baktrian missions - one CTD-causing, the other a missing script.
    • Prevented the double-qualification of Direct Mauryan Government in India - which prevents the tribal government appearing after independence.
    • Corrected the unique building bonus in Armavir and several other places.
    • Change to conversion mechanics - owner rates halved (so equal to founder/neighbour) and governor influence halved.
    • Corrected faulty syntax in requirements for the gandhara_viceroyal.
    • Reworking of Migration governments for barbarian factions.
    • Fixed copy-paste error in Confederates line of triggers. Thanks to myarta!
    • Reverted archers and slingers to the previous mechanics.
    • EDIT: Updated BAI in place of unit scripting - not ready for release yet.
    • Changed the nine factions using the Teutonic system of family structure to regular family tree. EDCT adjusted with regards ethnicities.
    • Adjustment to conversion rates
    • Cultural conversion removed from higher-tier Bosporan buildings. Only the earlier nomadic structures are supposed to convert.
    • Fast conversion from converting building reduced by 1/3.
    • Fixed the Tirdad/new Parthian traits bug. Also fixed the Lugian suitors with multiple ethnicities.
    • More Client Ruler descriptions added.
    • Further reduction of the order-bonus effects of the AIGovernor trait (ie AI empires will be less stable).
    • Reduced the garrison of Sarmizsegethusa slightly to aid AI-Getai's early expansion.
    • Changed Saba Precursor minimum settlement size to village - same as all the rest. Also revised requirement of city for their precursor and tribal governments.
    • Adjustments to Roman stats (morale lowered by one point) and Machairophoroi get ap as intended.
    • Change to requirements for Basilike Patris (top-tier Hellenistic government) - now need polis_two and helcol_two, rather than polis_three and helcol_three. However, you can only build one of them. This has most immediate impact on Makedonia, who don't start with one and have to wait a long time otherwise.
    • Slight tweak to recruitment in Bosporan Tyrranos and Paradynastes.
    • Use of non-existent unit in Boii mission script corrected.
    • Market in Saka capital changed to caravans.
    • Correct to Hayastan independence script to match that of Baktria.
    • Adjustments to agent traits and thresholds.
    • Update to Nabataean reforms - now with an AI trigger/fallback.
    • Revision to some garrisons in Arabia.
    • Hardy removed from Camillian Principes - omission before. Alteration to recruit_offset_priority to make for more balanced AI armies.
    • Expanded Numidian family tree to be less rarified.
    • Lowered requirement for first level of temple for Numidia by one. Adjusted Sab'yn access to battle/governor's temples to saba_tribal.
    • saba_tribal now rel_d or rel_c 20% - but saba_clients rel_c 40%
    • Change to Marian reform mechanics. Municip cannot be built anywhere but Roma until the reform.
    • BAI, CAI and diplomacy updates. Updated faction standing (so no longer the vanilla file).
    • Unit-based battle script ready for testing. Make sure you activate the script at the beginning of the battle (by clicking on the advisor's face).
    • Slight increase in Boii starting units.
    • Bosporan Royal Satrapy restructured and restriction to a single one removed. Helleno-Nomadic Satrapy also altered. Free upkeep added to Allied/Subject Clan.
    • Fallback added to Hayastan/Baktrian scripts - if Seleukids die, both are automatically made independent.
    • Changed placeholder "Thraikian" cavalry unit from Hippotoxotai to Mezenai.
    • Altered granary building requirements for Rome (as input into Marian reforms).
    • Changed fallback for Hayastan/Baktrian scripts to Seleukids have less than 5 provinces. Also added to Pergamon's kingship script.
    • Removed the "no eastcol present" restriction from Seleukid and Baktrian native administration governments. Not a constraint on any other faction's Laarchia. Also added upgrade path from Supervised Hellenic to Satrapy.
    • Changed secondary spear animation for Redoi to underhand.
    • Added a "Skythia" pool to Bosporan Allied/Subject Clan buildings.
    • Missing hyparchia hidden_resources added to provinces in eastern Anatolia and central Caucasus.
    • Updated traits regarding Paranoia
    • Updated battle script so no more passive attacking AI (also issued as a hotfix by z3n).
    • Revised the Helleno-Nomadic Satrapy again - polis condition is impossible to meet. So now it has a mixed pool, but is only build-able in Sarmatia (as originally intended - not Skythia too).
    • Corrected Numidian government building upgrade paths which had unnecessary conditions.
    • Changed missile hit rates against infantry (0.425) and cavalry (0.475) to make missiles a little more effective.
    • Increased accuracy of javelins.
    • Colonist advisor pop-ups no longer appear after turn 64 - everyone should have gotten the hang of it by then.
    • Removed the mixed h_r from Callaecia and Cantabria - no longer camps.
    • Adjustments to Royal Clan buildings for Saka/Sauromatae/Parthia - no longer lose factional units in their homeland.
    • Parthian Allied/Royal clans now build-able only in camps - same as the other two nomadic faction's pre-reform governments.
    • Lowered settlement requirement for numidia4/numidia5 to town/large_town respectively.
    • Iberian Client changed to a cavalry unit.
    • Latest scripts hotfix with BAI update.
    • Revision of infrastructure in many larger settlements.
    • Second tier of Allied Government size requirement downgraded to city.
    • Parthian Allied/Royal clan requirements reverted to original format (ie build-able anywhere).
    • Update to Sauromatian factional pools - more reflective of their position as the western steppe faction.
    • Expansion to post-reform Parthian pools.
    • Correction of faulty Baktrian (and some Seleukid) government pre-reqs on infrastructure.
    • Expansion of Bosporan Helleno-Nomadic Satrapy to include Skythiapolis and Paniardis. Removal of camp-conversion from that building - it's an end state not part of a transition to Hellenism.
    • New unit for Leusitane: Elite Swordsmen. Added ap to Leusitane elite cavalry swords.
    • Additional trigger added to Polybian reform - take Cisalpine Gaul and Sicily, and reforms will happen after turn 170.
    • Corrected my overly convoluted requirements for Bosporan Helleno-Nomadic Satrapy - now works.
    • Turn trigger for Polybian Reform reduced to after turn 120.
    • Siege AI update and change to siege mechanics.
    • Campaign AI usage of missile units should be reduced.

    Changelist for 2.08e:
    • Corrected erroneous appearances of Italic client ruler.
    • Revised Allied Government placement of Leves in Italy.
    • Added Persian Archers to Persis and nearby in Native Admin pools. Hyrkanian Hillmen added to Hyrkania in Native Admin pools.
    • Added Felsina to Polybian fallback script.
    • Adjustment to the Baktrian/Seleukid Satrapy of the Empire - light cavalry added to local pool. Removed some redundant pools.
    • Added morale impact of general's experience back into EDCT.
    • New rel_i icon for the settlement summary screen.

    We now recommend you try this on Hard campaign difficulty and Medium battle difficulty. There are some hard-coded changes that come with Hard (such as hiring of mercenaries by the AI), some of the soft-coded effects have been altered so that campaign difficulty doesn't make any difference to other aspects.

    How do I install this?

    This is an incremental update to Europa Barbarorum II version 2.01. You need a clean, unmodified installation of 2.01 if you don't already have it). That means if you've been using b0Gia's submod compilation, for example, you will need to uninstall and re-install 2.01. These changes are not compatible, but b0Gia's later modpacks, issued after this update will be.

    If you have had to reinstall, please ensure you have followed all the instructions in order to get a working copy of 2.01 before you attempt to patch. That includes starting a campaign before patching.

    To avoid inexplicable errors, please ensure your game is not installed in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86), and use the shortest path possible. Meaning something like C:\M2TW\mods\EBII\ is good; something like C:\Documents\Games\Sega - Medieval 2 Total War\mods\EBII\ is not good.

    Note the simplified installation - you no longer have to do anything in the data\text\ folder, that's been automated. All you have to do is drop the folder in the right place and the game will do the rest.

    1) Download the zip containing all the files, attached here: EDIT49 (18/12/15): Attachment 333558. For those who find TWC slow, here's a mirror on The Org.

    2) Open the zip file, drag and drop the \data\ folder onto [your M2TW folder]\mods\EBII\ folder - say yes to overwrite everything it queries.

    Optional: We'd also recommend you install the vegetation and lighting graphical enhancements, which is compatible with this.

    3) NEW STEP: There's a new file in the zip, HugeCRemove.bat. Drop this in [your M2TW directory]\mods\EBII\ folder. Then run it - it should delete itself after doing it's thing. It removes all the redundant (and crash-inducing) huge city files for cultures lacking the necessary information. Note: if you did this when installing 2.03e, you don't need to do it again. It's there for anyone who missed 2.03e.

    4) Go into [your M2TW directory]\mods\EBII\EBII.cfg and make sure under [game] advisor_verbosity = 1. Also make sure under [log] it says:
    to = mods/ebii/logs/eb.system.log.txt 
    level = * trace
    That way we can actually trace any errors.

    5) Run the game, starting a new Grand Campaign first, even if you don't save it. This step is vitally important as it generates a new map.rwm. This may take as long as 5 minutes to create, it may appear that the game has frozen, but watch to see if the cursor is rotating and the music is still playing. If it is, you need to WAIT until it is finished, it will then move onto the progress screen and start a new game. If you quit and try again, the game will instead start with a faulty map.rwm, which borks recruitment and the building trees.

    6) Enjoy!

    What about the "autumn release"?

    We're still working on it, don't worry. You'll hear more about it when we are able to share more.

    As ever, thank you for your support and remember to read more history!

    - The Europa Barbarorum II Team
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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum 2.02 is released!

    Nice I will try a new campaign during the next days.

    "dude, where's my Romans?"
    Hmm....instead :Is the random availability and sometimes permanent availability of colonies as KB fixed(while not aving a metropolis)?Bosphoran Heavy Archers...?


    • Bosporans can now recruit units from the Hellenistic Poleis building, just like the other Hellenistic factions, an omission now fixed.
    • Hellenistic Poleis now allows the recruitment of levy-grade Greek troops at all levels.
    Is it normal that I can recruit phalangitai,standart hoplites and other high grade units like the Peltastai Logades in a polis?
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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum 2.02 is released!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sint View Post
    Nice I will try a new campaign during the next days.
    I look forward to hearing how you get on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sint View Post
    Hmm....instead :Is the random availability and sometimes permanent availability of colonies as KB fixed(while not aving a metropolis)?Bosphoran Heavy Archers...?
    The mechanics of the both Hellenistic and Eastern Colony systems is a little...involved and will take some more unpicking, so hasn't been fully resolved here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sint View Post
    Is it normal that I can recruit phalangitai,standart hoplites and other high grade units like the Peltastai Logades in a polis?
    Yes; the Hellenistic Poleis building (polis_two) in Pantikapaion should give you access to all of those you've mentioned. That's why settlements with a Hellenistic Poleis, or a Hellenistic Metropolis are a big deal. You get much less with a Minor Hellenistic Poleis (such as that in nearby Chersonesos). It's also a good reason to prioritise places with some sort of Polis building in them if you're a Hellenistic faction. Most of the remaining ones nearby are across the Euxine (such as Sinope and Byzantion).

    Also remember in 2.01 the Bosporans were accidentally missed off the list for the Hellenistic Poleis - now you're able to get what Koinon Hellenon, Makedonia, Epeiros, Pontos and Pergamon were always able to.
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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum 2.02 is released!

    Ah thanks it was just a bit unsual to actually get phalangitai as KB
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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum 2.02 is released!

    This is great. I wanted to wait for the main update but you made this easy and clean install so i am gonna try it out and test some stuff.


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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum 2.02 is released!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sint View Post
    Ah thanks it was just a bit unsual to actually get phalangitai as KB
    If they hadn't been missed off, that would have been the only way, besides mercenary, that they could.

    Quote Originally Posted by romanius24 View Post
    This is great. I wanted to wait for the main update but you made this easy and clean install so i am gonna try it out and test some stuff.

    All I will say about the main update is don't expect it next week.

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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum 2.02 is released!

    i just have to do it:
    dude, where's my Romans?

    but serious great news

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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum 2.02 is released!

    i got to the part where you delete all the bin files, but there are non there a,ready, is that an issue

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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum 2.02 is released!

    Whow, didn´t expect this
    Great work!
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
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    "But I don't know how to mod!!!!"
    Learn. I didn't know how to do anything when I got this game, and now I know how to do quite a bit. Volunteer. Struggle. Figure it out.
    There are lots of cool mods that never see the light of day because people don't realize that mods need workers, not watchers, or realize it but continue to watch anyway.

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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum 2.02 is released!

    Thank you! I will start a new campaign up! Also can you give info on why the coming of age is lowered? What are we supposed to do with our adolescents? I usually am still following the old "How to be a good roman" from EB1, do I just leave them in school until they are 20 still?

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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum 2.02 is released!

    Quote Originally Posted by jvass View Post
    i got to the part where you delete all the bin files, but there are non there a,ready, is that an issue
    Shouldn't be an issue, because the game will generate new ones. Though I am curious - has your game been running fine so far without them?

    Quote Originally Posted by madmatg View Post
    Thank you! I will start a new campaign up! Also can you give info on why the coming of age is lowered? What are we supposed to do with our adolescents? I usually am still following the old "How to be a good roman" from EB1, do I just leave them in school until they are 20 still?
    The Romans had a concept of contubernales, meaning "A young man who, in order to become familiar with military service, attended a general in war, an attendant", which would fit for those too young to be a military tribune. As long as you keep them out of the fighting for the most part, they were runners and message-bearers.

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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum 2.02 is released!

    Great news !
    Good job !

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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum 2.02 is released!

    Quote Originally Posted by QuintusSertorius View Post
    Shouldn't be an issue, because the game will generate new ones. Though I am curious - has your game been running fine so far without them?

    The Romans had a concept of contubernales, meaning "A young man who, in order to become familiar with military service, attended a general in war, an attendant", which would fit for those too young to be a military tribune. As long as you keep them out of the fighting for the most part, they were runners and message-bearers.
    Great, that's what I was looking for thanks!

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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum 2.02 is released!

    Quote Originally Posted by madmatg View Post
    Thank you! I will start a new campaign up! Also can you give info on why the coming of age is lowered? What are we supposed to do with our adolescents? I usually am still following the old "How to be a good roman" from EB1, do I just leave them in school until they are 20 still?
    This was one the big points of this. By adding them at age of 14, you can roleplay them being in school longer, so that when they actually get to lead armies, they have developed useful traits that they can use for the rest of their lives.

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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum 2.02 is released!

    There's an update coming to the script, so if you haven't started yet, hold off until I've issued it.

    Hayasdan, Baktria and Gandhara all affected by missing bits and pieces in their scripts, which should now be fixed.

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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum 2.02 is released!

    Is this where to report bugs? I have never reported a bug before so I don't know the protocol is. So far here are some things I noticed:

    -I'm playing Pergamon on M/M with the Vegetation and Lighting mod too.
    -No years are displayed on the UI
    -During my first battle I sent most of the units I was given except for like two left in Pergamon to fight the rebel general on the western edge of Turkey (sorry). I won with little effort as about half of the army fled AROUND the time I killed their general.
    -Then I sieged Ephesus. My generic hoplites couldn't seem to figure out how to climb the ladders on the walls and step off. They'd get to the top and just stand there. THey weren't stuck as I could move them off.
    -Got a message about Skynet from the advisor.
    -Turn 5 or so. Marriage celebrations. I accepted. Clicked on a Ptolamaoi army led by Nikon?, two units strong, in central Turkey, that included the unit Pantodipoi. I read the description and clicked the check mark and it CTD'd. I did it again maybe 1 turn sooner and there wasn't a CTD. I'm going to keep playing. By the way, while I have played EB2 for around 20 hours on 2.0 and 2.1, I don't think I remember ever getting CTD.

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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum 2.02 is released!

    Ok. Tried out the units and all after the update and I have only one comment: the cavalry are OP!!!! As in, maybe it was a bug or my initial EB 2.01 installation was flawed, but cavalry were optimized as flankers. Their charge (their-minus cataphracts of course) could only take a moderate number of opponents to the grave but if they got in successfully from the back or the side they SCARED the infantry away, which is historically accurate. In 2.01 every time I made my cavalry directly charge infantry or spearmen from the front, they either just died or got entangled, again cheers to historical accuracy. NOW, after 2.02, it's as if its back to MTW2 wherein the cavalry can destroy one whole unit of infantry in one bloody charge. From the FRONT!!! Maybe I should post screenshots for verification, but hetairoi NOW (IN 2.02) can destroy epikeltoi hoplites (the uber elite hoplites) in one charge , as in only 3 guys left in the unit after the cavalry onslaught!! Is this power up to the cav units deliberately meant by the team or is it that my installation is singularly bugged?

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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum 2.02 is released!

    1- this was the case before? if so it's an easy fix. and in the meantime you can simply click faction scroll and check the year there.
    2- not sure what the problem is?
    3- inherent vanilla bug which exists in all mods because of that
    4- thanks
    5- interesting, perhaps it's simply a very random run of the mill mtw2 non mod related crash?
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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum 2.02 is released!

    As I mentioned earlier, I've updated the deck with some tweaks and changes. Most important amongst them is what is hopefully a fix to the Hayasdan Reforms, but also the Baktrian and Gandharan tribute scripts.

    Really sorry to anyone well into a new campaign, but this is a non-savegame-compatible update.

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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum 2.02 is released!

    Quote Originally Posted by squeehunter View Post
    -No years are displayed on the UI
    That sounds like a config file error (reported back in 2.0 days) - did you set your EBII.cfg to Read Only? It shouldn't be happening any more, but I wonder if it's related to people uninstalling, then reinstalling 2.01?

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