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    Default Javelin animation

    A noob question here, sorry if its has been discused before i couldnt find it anywhere.

    Did you guys port some javelin animations from rome1 in your mod( is it even possible?)Because in med2 javs take years to aim and reload and are pretty useless.
    I would like to port those rome javs animation in Third age Divide and Conquer if you can help me.

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    Default Re: Javelin animation

    I believe Tux made them himself back in the day. The ones you are looking for are EB_Javelin_Prec, EB_Short_Javelin_Prec and EB_Pilum.

    You can use them as long as you give credit for their origin.

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    Default Re: Javelin animation

    Thank you very much my friend.

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