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Thread: Fans suggestion thread for future releases

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rad View Post
    Any chance you guys could do a check on the Celtic Noble/Retainer units?
    The armor upgrades for all the mentioned units bring a mail shoulder reinforcement with great big holes in it.
    The foot nobles and retainers still hold a javelin when in melee - they'd most likely throw/drop it before that.
    The 2nd upgrade for the noble cavalry features a helmet with a lot of black areas in it (don't you dare, Roma_Victrix!)
    Oh, I dare, Rad, I dare!

    Read dis and weep, fool:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Don't hold me back, fool, cuz I'm gonna say it and you can't stop it: Vercingetorix was a BLACK MAN! His real name was Vercungabembe! And someone in EB II finally gets it partially right by making Celtic heads black under those helmets, because they was black African. Later Europeans just took over the Celtic identity from the real Celts: the Ethiopians and Nubians. They did it just like the original ancient Shang dynasty Chinese was black but Chinese erased it, the original Olmecs of ancient Mexico was black, the original Babylonians of Mesopotamia was black, Persians of Achaemenid Empire was black, and Phoenician colonists who founded Carthage was blacks, fool!

    In all seriousness, though, any glitches or mistakes in the unit textures should be fixed pronto. For the most part I haven't caught any mistakes as of late and every unit I've seen thus far in the latest iteration of 2.35 looks great. The new Skaplinai unit of elite Illyrian slingers, however, seem to have some helmets and shields that are a bit too shiny and glimmering in the sunlight compared to the rest of their bodies. It looks kind of jarring.

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