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I'd like to see all land bridges removed. They are unrealistic and IMO don't contribute much to the game. For me as a main Seleucid player, the land bridge between Thrace and Bityhna is irrigating. Remember the Sieges of Konstantinopel in the early middle ages. It was imperative for them that no one could cross bosporus and hellespont without a proper fleet. So I want to see all land bridges removed!
They simulate places where small boats could easily be secured to cross, even in the absence of a navy. If we removed them, the AI would have an even harder time of doing much of anything.

If you find that crossing annoying, put a fleet on it. That quite accurately represents closing the straits, with all the costs that entails.

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I do not know whether this was suggested before but reducing the number of provinces in British Islands and adding at least one to greece is a must.
This is under discussion right now.