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I think its a pity, that all this beatiful legions, that are avalaibel are unused, i tried to make them usable, but failed. I'm no modder and dont have spare time to learn from the scrap. What would be great in my opinion: every roman faction should be able to recruit every legion, every legion should have a building where it can be recruitet, and the aux a seperate one. in battles the aux is the same for every roman faction why not the legions? At the scenario beginning all Legion HQs are built acordingly to the historic situation and with forthgoing expansion you can get new legions from the conquered provinces.
That is a nice idea. I had thought of something along that line too but didn't use individual legions because I was lacking a sufficient amount of different legions in the game because on top of the individual legions of the post-Augustean period I would also need wildcard legions for the pre-Augustean period. So, implementing it would require more units to be made (something I can't do).