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Thread: [Submod] AOPK 3.0: The Kings Beyond the Wall

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    So where can i found this mod?

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    Ive been playing the mod for awhile and ive noticed Pikes and halberd men get absolutley destroyed by knights, Ive had knights charge into Braced pikes in guard mode and the knights lose maybe 10 men max, whilst the pikemen take around 50% casualties on impact and then pretty much break. is this working as intended? ive noticed spearmen with regular sized spears do alot better which seems broken to me as a braced pike is practically the length of a man whilst the regular spear is like half that atleast. if its working as intended could someone explain to me what i need to change on pikemen in the files to make them better vs cav

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonMaker View Post
    So where can i found this mod?
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    Game keeps crashing. Great mod, but it wont even load the game 4/5 times - and when the game actually does load, it crashes after a turn or two.
    I'm playing Bracken and only 30 or so turns into the game. Not much happened, just taken a few towns nearby.
    When I say it doesnt even load - i mean that TW:M2 itself crashes before it even reaches the menu.
    Any fix?

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    Hey i absolutely love your mod i only bought medieval 2 total war to play age of petty kings you really did a great job on it. Eventhough the work you have done so far is very good and professional i have a few suggestions on what i would love to see in game

    1. I played house lannister for a pretty long time now and the first thing i noticed are those different troops in the different regions of the westerlands (i know this system is in all of westeros but i first saw it when i played house lannister) So in connection with those different units i would love if the Westserlands or actually the entire westeros would be a little more splitted in smaller Kingdoms based on the different type of units. For the Westerlands in particular those would be:
    The Sarsfield kings of the golden pass
    The Hooded Kings of House Banefort
    The Lannister Kings of the Rock
    The Coastline Kings of house Reyne
    And The Border Kings of house Tarbeck

    I think this would give the player a little more the feeling if beeing the King of one of the "Hundret Kingdoms" as this age was also called

    2. I would love to see if there was a diplomatic option when sending your envoy to neutral, allied or enemy factions called "join Kingdom". It would be different than getting vasalls as you would gain controll of the region and the rulling King would loose his King title. As i said if you would ask a King to join the Kingdom and he accepts, his lands would be added to your realm and all of his agents, including his Princeses, diplomats, spies and all his generals. If you click on the Diplomacy bar on the Facttions detail list the faction would appear as your vasall. Getting another Kingdom to join you would depend on your military, fanacial and general power aswell as the size of your Kingdom and your relation to the other Kingdom. A way to higher the chance of that the other King accepts is proposing a marrige between his daughter and your King or Heir. If you would join a Kingdom you would still keep your banner and lands to your own but from time to time your liege would send you, like the Game it self does it on its own rn, quests you must fullfill, like recruiting more troops and sending them to a sertent region, destroy an enemy force, taking castles and cities or even arange a marrige between his house and yours or one of your vasalls. If you disobey too many of your liege's commands, he would see that as a sign of revolt and may attack you. On the other Hand if you made another King join your Kingdom under your rule and you are under him in the power bar, he may rise in revolt and claim his crown back.

    3. A thing i would like to see is the option of not wiping out an entire house. For example, i took Castamere and chose any of the options you have when taking a settlement, then a message would pop up where it says something like
    "As your men took the castle and raided the castle for wealth they found some distant nephiews of the former ruling Family, House Reyne. They have fallen on their knees and begged for mercy. What shall they do with them?
    If you click 'accept' you spare the remaining people of the house and they will join the ranks of the noble houses under your command (generals)
    If you click 'deny' your men will execute every member they get their hands on"

    That way we dont have to eliminate houses to gain the castle and have automaticly a general garison in the castle with the surname of the previous ruling family

    4. I have no clue if this even possible, and i know it was a feature in medieval 1 but maybe you can do this. My suggestion is that if for example i married my heir to a princess of house redwyne and they have a son and all of her male relatives die aswell as their generals, that i would inherit the former Redwyne teritory. Also idk if this is a bug or not, but whenever i marry my princess to one of my bannermen generals she dissapears from the family tree instead of that the general would be added to the family tree.

    That would be all. As i said before i absolutely looove your mod those are just some things i would like to see and its up to you if you add them

    Keep up the good work
    Lord Reyne

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