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    Default Hellenika

    Mod Name: Greeks at War

    Mod Platform: Rome 2
    Release Status: Closed Alpha
    Mod creator\team leaders: Phalangitis, Morfeasnikos (not mod leaders just creators. We are a democaracy with no leaders)
    Mod team members: M@x1musLinke, Phalangitis, Morfeasnikos, JJpower, Tenerife_Boy, ToonTotalWar, Hoplite of Illis
    Mod Description: Greeks at war is a mod for rome 2, recreating the Peleponnesian war with the Wrath of Sparta expansion. It adds almost 200 new historical units, many new campaign mechanics such as a manpower system.
    Changes have also been made to many other areas like the ai, ui etc. It's a historical mod but not in any way has that affected gameplay.

    Other info on mod:
    Forum link(s):
    Download link(s): None atm
    Permissions: Permission by request
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