greeting gentleman,

so last night ive have experimental affair with the uniform layout for my austrian grenzers ,playing around with it and so on ,but the problem was everytime the same
i was in need of an unique normal map adressed too that layout only.after days of searching around i had found many tutorials and looking through several mod files ,the problem was everytime the
same, ingame they were too shinny always .So even if i couldnt reach the quality of the CAs one which are based on some kind of 3D geometry i think ,here ist the Solution for the transparency
they include.

the Solution was the Eraser Tool ,
here ist the tutorial that explain the way they are made ;

for me the opacity parameter " 60 " was an overall good experience ingame

hope i could help someone ,if this was already adressed and solved i`m sorry

an old bothered grenadier