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    Hi there iam doing a shu campagin and i have just conquered yi province is this the end of the missions or is there an event to invade han zhong region i saw somewhere in this forum that someone had that mission and i was wondering how it is triggered as i really looking forward to geting ma chao as he is my favourite genral of three kingdoms era does the mission end at conquest of Yi or does it continue? If it continues how does it trigger cause i found this in mission script.
    if not I_IsFactionAIControlled france
    and I_EventCounter hanzhong > 0
    and I_CharacterExists LiuBei1
    and I_EventCounter hanzhong_king < 1
    historic_event LiuBeiMission08
    so how do i begin mission 8 of what i belive are 11 missions note that in my campign cao cao is a monster he owns all of northen china and central plains and has killed or made vassals of 6 factions only the han zhong faction remians zhang lu aka the wudomi sect are only other faction other than wu still left in game.

    sorry i played one extra turn and it triggered go figure apoligizies for wasting your time admin can delete post.
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