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Thread: Rise of Legends Total War

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    Default Rise of Legends Total War

    Mod Name: Rise of Legends Total War

    Mod Platform: RTW Alexander
    Release Status: 100%
    Mod foldered: no
    Mod creator\team leaders: BagaturSasha
    Mod team members: Autocrator, Romantim
    Mod Description: (3-4 sentences): Fantasy mod about great war in Morag planet. You can play 19 fantasy factions in custom battles and 3 great factions in Tanos Invasion campaign. This mod made only for fun.
    Other info on mod: Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, StarGate, Marvel universe, DC Comics, Hunger Games universe and Harry Potter - you can see many of units from these fantasy worlds in this mod.
    Forum link(s):
    Download link(s)!0EkyARpQ!uVE14k8Du47a18PM2j3ldc11x_WjOW6rVQp56DWXlwA
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