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Yea, from everything I`ve read from overpowered cross bows to siege escalation to how factions deal with burning cities down and this winter thing- which CA implemented, but never bothered to actually test it. They`re relying on what people say to gradually fix it- AGAIN!
Humble as much as I an agree with your opinion on many of the aspects of Rome II should you not of at least played Atilla shouldn't you actually play the game before coming to an opinion. All those features you speak of are interesting and fun and only add to the game, which is what I'm playing, not a historical simulator. Crossbows though can gtfo (they behave like guns). Like all games today though they do release abit early but I reckon the game so far has surpassed Shogun II in some areas mainly campaign.

ON topic: I think the fertility feature going down could be reduced slightly. It's a bit over the top. Late game it forces you to adapt way to strongly to it going so far to have two farms per small settlement, which I'd be fine with IF we could get 6 in a minor settlement and 8 in a major. It does make the game more challenging though whether it's organic or fake difficulty is the issue for me. It is because it's hard coded I'm leaning on it being fake difficulty, an arbitrary changing of the games rule set because of a need to "make the game harder". Mind you I don't think this feature could be made organic and I do like it, at least up until the point where the entirety of the map is infertile for some reason, even in spring.... it would be nice if you could stockpile food for one year after harvest so that Spring gives you a large amount of food to survive the winter. Then they could keep the late game idea of Winters and Autumns without having it go too far.