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Thread: Game Breaking ERE Bug / WRE question

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    Default Game Breaking ERE Bug / WRE question

    ok so I have 2 things to say to making a double thread so to speak to keep things tidy!

    Firstly, not sure if CA are aware of this, I can't see many posts about it unless I am blind but I keep seeing the ERE collapse because once Constantinople gets all its buildings their armies cannot cross the strait into Turkey, leaving the Sassanids in every game I play to just steamroll Turkey while the ERE sits near the crossing unable to move with about 5 full stack armies. Hopefully CA is aware of this (if it isn't just me) and will consider this issue for the patch.

    Secondly, does anyone have a good VH WRE campaign guide? I've tried 4 times now using different ideas floating around the net but nothing seems to work, but I am determined not to be beaten! Is anyone aware of a good WRE survival guide on VH that I could make use of ?

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    Default Re: Game Breaking ERE Bug / WRE question

    a great idea is to accept that you will lose some regions or battles you are simply to big to be omnipotent at the start of the game

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    Default Re: Game Breaking ERE Bug / WRE question

    I'll be doing a WRE legendary difficulty stream on Sunday, if you're interested.

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    As far as i experiencend is one of the main problems the bad faction leader. You have already enough problems with migration which causes unrest, but because he is responsible for a horrible government control it decreased the loyality of my generals and eventually triggers civil war. I had 3 civil wars which come with heavy disadvantages. What i basicly did is killing my leader of to get a better one, negoationg peace especially with the Quadii and the Berbertribes in Africa and make sure that the Ostrogoths don't become your enemies. They are now since 20 turn in Italy as a Horde but didn't harm me at all With Africa save and sound built fields there to muster up to strenghen your foodbase. Make sure to either beat the Jutes or make peace with them and than go on offensive in central germania since you have no problems on the Ilyrian or African front you can effort haven two or three armies working together there. The intention of that is to pillage cities and towns and keep the tribes there low. Don't harm the Franks though. They like you, make good allies and are a good buffer state.

    As for tech, research the economic buildings, but try to avoid the main chain which disables classic buildings for a while until you were able to build enough scriptoriums. I managed to get my researchrate up to 200 %, if i hade the money even 400 % would be in that's seriously OP especially for the Eastern Empire.

    That's just at first. I managed to get in to round 80 that way but now civil war is killing me of, rather than the outsiders.

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    Default Re: Game Breaking ERE Bug / WRE question

    Cheers for the replies

    Anyone know anything about the potential bug I have then? I made a new campaign and same thing, ERE troops cannot cross over into Turkey when the city has all its building slots.

    Oda, A Rise from the Ashes of Obscurity (S2).

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    This is an issue in Italy too. The peninsula is so compacted that I had to abandon my Vandal campaign because I sacked Verona and realized I couldn't go further down the peninsula (was blocked by recently devastated Verona), so I had to siege it again and Raze it this time. Then I went further down, sacked Fiorentia, discovered I couldn't move past it either. I had wanted to advance down the Peninsula, sacking easy targets, before departing for Africa but it was impossible to do so without razing the entire peninsula - each city blocks your progress.

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    Default Re: Game Breaking ERE Bug / WRE question

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashu-Siralis View Post
    I'll be doing a WRE legendary difficulty stream on Sunday, if you're interested.
    Of course, very much interested !!

    Thx in advance and good luck !

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