Now works for all Total War games from Empire to ATTILA!

An open-source project to support a brand new iteration of Mod Manager for past, present and future Total War titles.

NEW FEATURE V2.0: New 'Game' tab, switch between and manage your mods for any TW game since Empire all in one tool.

If you have any questions, suggestions as to what you'd like to see happen with the tool or issues with Mod Manager please leave a comment here and I'll try to respond when my time permits.

- If the tools crashes, report the error. If the game crashes, it is nothing to do with the tool but is instead a problem with your mods, this tool cannot make the game crash, it is impossible for it to do so.

- If you have an error, please report it along with the error message you receive and some idea of how to reproduce the issue, this is vital so that I am able to fix any problem.

- Requires .NET framework 2.0 or later to work. (Likely already installed on almost all computers)

The tool is written in C# and the source is available at the SourceForge repository.

Source is released under a BSD 2-Clause license.

Created by .Mitch.

With thanks to any and all previous testers.