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    hello everyone, I hope someone still read and play this mode

    I disvored it some days ago and downloaded it. I love MTII and scotland, so this mod its perfect for me.

    I installed it, and charge ok, but watching the map i have some problems;
    instead of the name of the citys (below the castle) I watch a rectangle in the color of the clan, moreover if I click inside a city the right panel with the units and the constructions isnt wachted well.

    Finally, i can play in "full screen" and the below (units) and left part (with the notices) I cant watch it....

    I try to change the grafic configuration of the pc and the game, but it isnt resolve....

    I have this problem when i charge the game from the "mod icon", inclouding if I play the normal brittanian campaign too from the mod...

    but If I charge the game from the oficial brittania campaign icon the game is watched right!!!!

    what can I do to resolve it?

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    Default Re: view problems

    Hey man, sorry about these troubles but this is how CA set the moddability of the game from the beginning. There are several tutorials that can talk you through how to unpack your files and fix this problem:

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    Default Re: view problems

    thanks, but i dont know what i have to do.... sorry

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    Default Re: view problems

    The block graphic problem has been addressed with version 0.2.

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