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Thread: Pack File Manager 1.9 re-uploaded

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    Default Pack File Manager 1.9 re-uploaded

    Pack File Manager 1.9 is one of a range of pack file managers which enable modders to create mod packs and edit database tables.

    If you need a tutorial on how to use Pack File Manager (PFM) to create a mod, I recommend the tutorial by erasmus777 here. (That tutorial is for people making mod packs for Napoleon: Total War, but I followed the instructions and successfully made mod packs for Empire: Total War).

    I had no involvement in the creation of this tool whatsoever. I am uploading it here at the request of a modder who wanted to use it. Since I did not make PFM 1.9, I sought permission from a moderator to upload it. A moderator, lolIsuck, kindly posted a visitor message on my profile saying that it would be okay to do this.

    Other versions of Pack File Manager are available (I use PFM 1.9 simply for editing a mod pack containing a localisation file so that I can give names and descriptions to new units). Other versions include:-

    • PFM 1.5.3, which is part of husserlTW's EasyDB resource (start EasyDB and select 'PFM' from the options along the top to open Pack File Manager) which I use for editing database tables
    • PFM 1.5.9, which was for Napoleon: Total War but which works for me, for creating mod packs for Empire
    • PFM 3.2.1, the newest version of PFM available. This is useful because it tells you what all (or most) of the database entries do in the game. If you use PFM 1.5.3, for example, several columns of database tables such as the units_table are marked 'unknown'. By the time PFM 3.2.1 was made, the effects of these coumns were known. Why, then, doesn't everyone use PFM 3.2.1 and ignore the older versions? When I try to use PFM 3.2.1 to edit and save mod packs, the saved mods normally have no effect in the game, unfortunately. However, PFM 3.2.1 does work for some modders (I don't know why it works for some people and not others.)
    • PFM 3.1.6, which is available along with many versions of PFM here. An experienced modder, PikeStance (project manager for the Imperial Splendour mod) reported using a combination of PFM 3.2.1 and PFM 3.1.6, since 3.2.1 could not edit some database tables in Empire. So modders may want to try using PFM 3.1.6 and 3.2.1, to see if that produces mods which affect the game. If that doesn't work, you could use earlier versions of PFM instead, such as 1.5.3, 1.5.9 and 1.9.


    To use PFM 1.9:-

    - Download the tool by clicking on the attachment below
    - Unzip it (I use the free software 7zip)
    - To start PFM, simply open the 'Pack File Manager_1.9' folder and select PackFileManager.exe

    Potential issues

    One modder has reported getting error messages with PFM 3.2.1 and PFM 3.1.6 after using PFM 1.9. If you experience a problems using PFM 1.9 (or with other PFMs) I can only suggest posting a request for help on the current PFM thread. As I said above, I had no involvement in creating Pack File Manager software and I do not have the expertise to offer technical support for PFM 1.9, unfortunately.
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