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Thread: Roman Generals Submod [Europa Barbarorum]

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    Default Roman Generals Submod [Europa Barbarorum]

    Mod Name: EB: Roman Generals Submod [Europa Barbarorum Submod]

    Mod Platform: RTW 1.5
    Release Status: 1.0 released
    Mod creator: Ryoga84
    Mod Description: This add-on for EB create recruitable Roman Officers, recruitable as generals, in two diffent set:

    1. 1.Camillan Tribunus Militum (Triarii), Polybian Tribunus Militum (Triarii), Republican Legatus Legionis (Legionary Cohort), Imperial Legatus Legionis (Legionary Cohort), Praefectus Praetorio (Praetorian Cohort).
    2. 2. Old Republican Tribunus Militum (Roman Cavarly), Republican/Imperial Legatus Legionis (Roman Cavarly), Praefectus Praetorio (Praetorian Cavarly).

    Other info on mod: fanmade Add-on for Europa Barbarorum 1.2
    Forum link(s): Official Topic
    Download link(s): On the related topic
    Permissions: By request only.
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