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    when ever i try to run the CAE bat it gives me medieval 2 total war has encountered an unspecified error and will now exit. i have no other mods and i think the issue might be i am running windows 8.1? any suggestions

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    same here. I am looking for an answer.

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    Hey guys!!! So sadly im gonna have to tell you that im lke 89% positive M2 will not work with windows 8 aha thats why I still have vista

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    I have the same problem "unspecified error".
    I really want to play this mod.
    Plsss helppp.

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    I have Windows 10 and I had Windows 8.1 and can confirm that M2TW and Kingdoms work perfectly fine on both. I have several Kingdoms based mods installed (SS, TATW, Warhammer.) And they work just fine, I was really hoping to play CAE as I did long ago but sadly it just crashed on launch and I've followed the installation instructions by the word. I really hope someone can find a solution...

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