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    Hey guys, I'm Wolfy. This is just some game play I decided to post, a newly begun Wu campaign. Can't say I'm a great Total War player, and this series is mainly a learning tool for me, but I thought I'd share my recordings on the forum for you guys. Feel free to pick me apart for my newbliness, I'm a very new Total War player. My Youtube channel is kinda focused on a mixture of Arma and ROTK stuff, with a slight interest in Total War. I figured Total War + ROTK would come out to a great intro series. Enough rambling, onto the videos!

    - The Intro

    - The First Battle

    In addition to all of this, I've recorded a few more episodes which include plenty of expansion and battle. With regards to the series, I'd like to keep things short. I chose the short campaign and plan to Auto-Resolve plenty of battles. I'd really only being playing out major battles, which still offers practically one battle per episode. I'm also playing on normal, something I feel appropriate given my level of skill. This series is really the prologue for my channel, I'm planning on starting a decent series on Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires when that launches on Steam.

    All criticism is very much appreciated, thanks guys.

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    - Final Part

    Had to end it early with DW8:Empires coming out stateside soon, plus I had some issue with the mod crashing. For some reason I couldn't launch the game anymore.

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