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Thread: Do you practice a martial art?

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    I have been practicing Krav Maga (Maor) and kick boxing for 4 years now. I like Krav Maga for being raw, relatively simple, no- approach and focused entirely on self-defense, I think it's the most useful of all martial arts I have experimented with, so this is the one I always recommend, but I love kick-boxing, because it is very, very fun and great for conditioning, even though I think the sport element dominates the self-defense aspect, so it's not as useful. The Krav Maga training sessions are much less tiring and taxing for the body, but ultimately more unpleasant, because getting punched and kicked is mostly okay, if you brace yourself (having a strong core from compound lifts helps) and avoid blows in the head, but the nerve/joint point you experience in most Krav Maga moves can make you suffer, even though we always execute them as slowly and gently as possible during practice.

    I have also given Brazililian Jiu-Jitsu some tries (mostly at a good friend's insistence that it helps with grip strength and this carries over to deadlifts and rows, partly because I wanted to complement my training with becoming good at grappling), but I did not like it and found it rather impractical for a street fight/real life situation. I would like to start practicing Pankration some day, but there are no schools where I live, so hopefully when I return to Greece.
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    Started tentatively Kendo with my Son. But to really go all in I think I need to get my bad knee scoped out. Its fun and the sort of individual nature of it appeals to me (and my son he could never really buy into team sports)
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