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This was an idea I thought up awhile ago and spoke with a few selected persons to gauge what they thought of it. The responses were positive and I believe now I should unveil that concept and idea that I spoke of to them.

We have seen many types of roleplays on this forum, majority them falling into two categories: sub-forum and one thread. Sub-forum, as we all know, are larger scale rps where plenty can happen. One thread have risen up as well and given people bridges between sub-forum ideas and settings. Now what if we could bring the two together. This is where my idea of Transitional Roleplay comes into play. My definition of this concept is to use a one thread roleplay in order to form the foundations for a larger scale sub-forum setting. With the one thread, this ensures creativity is to the absolute max. One threads would build the foundation, the background, and all that we needed to form the sub-forum setting. The one thread would build the history, not only of who our tribe/clan/group would become but our characters, their descendants, the families they build, the lands they live upon, and the sovereigns and royal dynasties that may come and go. It will build the history of the people, the culture, the nation, the rulers, and so on. Thus when the one thread has achieved what needs to be done, it evolves into the larger scale sub-forum rp. This happens when our group/clan/tribe finds land they can live upon and thrive, our houses that their founders create begin to settle and the roaming community begins to build up a nation. The history is there, the deeds of our ancestors, the families they found, the nation they fought and sought to create to ensure we have plenty to do in the sub-forum rp. We jump ahead, some decades, generations, perhaps even hundreds of years. We move through eras and see the rise and fall of our nation, its good and bad, its glory and decadence.

The point of my idea is for us, the players, to create the history. For us to create the nation. For us to use our creativity and create something that we can all agree upon by how we roleplay and interact with each other. A leader rises among us and the rest become supporters. These supporters become vassals while the leader becomes their sovereign. These vassals, founded by their legendary ancestors, become stalwart defenders and even great schemers. The history, the background, everything would be in our hands and created by what we write and create in the one thread.

Above is a poll on whether the first attempt at this Transitional Roleplay will be either historical or fantasy. Historical means it is our world that we use yet we create our own nation in the canons of its history through our roleplay. Fantasy explains itself. Made up world, we as a fantasy race (dwarves, humans, elves, orcs, etc etc), roam and find our land and create our nation. Decisions by our players can help form everything. Our decisions create everything. Perhaps our society leans our nation towards a republic, an oppressive empire, a theocratic kingdom, a typical medieval realm, a tribal confederation, whatever we make up that is agreeable. Perhaps we are militaristic, peaceful, arbiters of the region.

So everyone, tell me what you think of this idea.

Note: I plan to add more to this OP, but this is just a general statement of what I hope to achieve/plan for.
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So after discussing this with BF and getting the idea from Xion, I have found out a way to get my transitional roleplay off the ground.

Two settings:
1. Ysgramor and the 500 Companions: We roleplay, a one thread rp, as the Campanions who followed Ysgramor into the region of Skyrim when Atmora was changing. Ysgramor would be NPCed by moderators in order to give the group direction, but the players would make up some of his followers. Atmorans who become the future Nords of Skyrim. Once we have taken hold on this area, the transition would become larger scale and include all of Skyrim and bordering regions. We would timeskip to a time after Ysgramor and go about from there.
2. The Rise of the First Empire: Similar to the first setting except that this one would be in Cyrodiil. We would be those who follow the vision of Alessia (or if desired, a suitable substitute) who would go about repelling the Ayleids and forming the First Empire upon Tamriel. The transition would happen after the Cyrodiilic Rebellion against the Ayleids with the larger sub-forum rp taking place after the time of Alessia (or her substitute) in which the Empire has expanded and we are playing the descendants of Alessia's great generals and supporters.

The biggest plus of these two settings is that we can make adopt the GoT-style of politics, especially in Skyrim since the monarchy is elective and there are various holdings that are sometimes at war with each other. Schemes to take down the High King and support a candidate are very much like what we have experienced in GoT. A decentralized monarchy where the holdings may feel threatened by their neighbors and war with them for due to various past reasons such as feuds and claims.

So to clarify:
1. The 500 Companions with Ysgramor (rped by a moderator) are the one thread with the sub-forum being the future High Kingdom of Skyrim after Ysgramor's time.
2. The Cyrodiilic Rebellion with Alessia or her substitute (also rped by a moderator) are the one thread with the sub-forum being the First Empire during a time after Alessia's Rebellion.