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Thread: Announcement: New Local Moderator

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    Hello fellow TWC members and TATW forum skulkers!

    We hereby announce that our great ElvenKind step down from duty as Local Moderator, due to real life obligations. But do not worry, it's not the last we see of him around here.
    Thanks to you ElvenKind, for all your effort and time, with remarkable patience and skill and competence.
    You have been magnificent at organize the forum, impose the Terms of Service, and help and instruct noobs and old timers alike!
    You're a gem, that we are proud to have worked side by side with for so long

    Now, we will not leave our forum and it's inhabitants less supported than before!
    Not that you ever would double post or anything, dear fellows, but just to be sure..

    We are thus proud to present you Arachir Galudirithon as new Local Moderator, starting this date.
    Sir Galudirithon is best known from DaC and it's thread(s), and as a capable gentleman we are sure will serve and protect with uttermost sincerity!

    So please, post a thank you to Elvenkind and a warm welcome to Arachir Galudirithon

    best regards
    //the moderators of TATW
    trough Ngugi
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    Default Re: Announcment: New Local Moderator

    Congrats Arachir Galu (just forgot, my lord ^^), and good luck
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    Default Re: Announcment: New Local Moderator

    Thanks ElvenKind !
    I somehow knew that Arachir would step up higher Congratz mate..
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    Default Re: Announcment: New Local Moderator

    Thanks to Elvenkind for everything Ngugi so eloquently mentioned.

    Good luck and success to the guy with the impossible name in keeping things tidy in this merry place.

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    Default Re: Announcment: New Local Moderator

    Welcome Arachir! And a big thank you to ElvenKind!!!

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    Default Re: Announcment: New Local Moderator

    Out with the old, in with the new!

    Congratz Arachir, hold the line.

    You can start moderating by fixing the title of this Ngugi's thread..
    American, French, Israeli and British government's ILLEGAL aggression against the Syrian people, without any proof for chemical attacks in Douma, and without waiting for OPCW to conduct their investigation..
    Sons of *******, leave that poor, war torn country in peace.
    If you are a citizen of one of these countries, then DO NOT ask any help from me on these forums, since, in protest against this aggression by your governments, I do not provide assistance/help anymore.
    Let Syria be finally in peace.

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    Thank You for your contributions ElvenKind...May you taste more success in real life than you tasted here. Best of Luck
    Congratulations Arachir, to echo what Funeh stated, it was kind of obvious that you were going up, all the way UP

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    Default Re: Announcment: New Local Moderator

    Thanks EK! Hope to see you around more!

    And congratz to AG!

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    Default Re: Announcment: New Local Moderator

    So the Wolf gave up on eating the Holiday Ferrit?
    What can a Shiny Knight do, if a hungry wolf could not succeed at this task, I wonder...
    (The above are a shameless way of hinting toward the ferrit making yet another of his masterpieces of epical stories with TATW forum members, yeah, cuz, like, I'm addicted to them)

    Good luck, Arachir
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    I think Foot needs to put a warning saying "You may wish to play other mods before playing this mod, as EB will destroy your ability to find other mods exciting and fulfilling".

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    Default Re: Announcment: New Local Moderator

    Good luck Elvenkind, thanks for the service!
    Originally Posted by Garbarsardar
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    Thank you all for the best wishes! I too am sad to see EK step down. A very dependable modder and modding friend. All the best for your future endeavours EK!

    Sindarin impossible? What is this heresy! Hahaha
    As Arandir pointed out and so I don't feel bad when people call me ArachÝr, it means 'High Lord'. Feel free to stick with Galu.
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    Default Re: Announcement: New Local Moderator

    Wishing someone good luck in moderating the Third Age forum might be a bit overkill, so I'll congratulate you instead Galu
    And all the best to you, Elvenkind! Don't forget to check in here from time to time if real life allows it

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    Default Re: Announcement: New Local Moderator

    Congrats, Arachir!

    *queue Jefferson's theme"

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    Default Re: Announcement: New Local Moderator

    As if he isn't busy enough already.
    Gratz man!

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    Default Re: Announcement: New Local Moderator

    Congrats Arachir! Wield your bannhammer with pride, your sword of deletion with honour and you use them, smite the unworthy lurkers, the pityless trollers and the ludacris flamers! Become one with the power and subdue those who would oppose you! You shall rule this forum and all shall love you and despair!
    Under the patronage of Finlander. Once patron to someone, no longer.
    Content's well good, innit.

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    Default Re: Announcement: New Local Moderator

    ôDon't adventures ever have an end? I suppose not. Someone else always has to carry on the story.ö

    Thanks to EK for his service and good luck to Arachir
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    Default Re: Announcement: New Local Moderator

    Congratulations, mate! Best wishes for this task

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