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Thread: DarthMod Mac (Install Manually)

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    I did everything like you said SWB, when I try custom battles, the unit sizes are way bigger. The only problem is when I click on campaigns of the coalition, I'm still stuck with the original choices of austria, prussia, etc. I can't play as the batavian, portuguese or danish republic. Dying to play this mod, please help!

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    I can only get to step 4 in SWB's guide, I won't install into the dummy because of "pathing", even when I put the dummy in the same place as the bsae game

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    Ok brand new question where does the userscript go I'm doing this off Steam and there isn't a launcher

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    FFS everytime I give up and ask here I ing find what I'm looking for in 5 minutes it's under Feral not CA

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    Quote Originally Posted by SWB View Post
    I posted this in Empire Mac Mod thread and realised that I should have put it here,sorry

    Install of the DarthMod v2.65 for Mac OS X tutorial.

    It is a good idea to backup your Napoleon: Total War Program or you could break your game

    1.Download DarthMod_Napoleon_v2.65_Epic_Edition.exe from

    2. Make a new folder on your Desktop, name it Napoleon_Total_War.exe it will ask you if you are sure you want add the extension”.exe” click add (you are going to fool DarthMod that Napoleon_Total_War.exe is the actual program)

    3. Now you you need a Program to run windows files on your Mac use Wine Wrapper or other program, I used CrossOver for Mac you can find a Demo here

    4. Next double click DarthMod_Napoleon_v2.65_Epic_Edition.exe this will force CrossOver/Wine to create a wine bottle
    when asked where to extract it to, point it to the Napoleon_Total_War.exe folder you created in step 2 and Install.
    Hi SWB,

    First of all thanks for this tutorial.
    I just got to step 4 using crossover.
    Thing is, it 's been stuck at 100% for a while now , installation is at File : C:\users\...\user.script.txt
    Any idea how to unstuck this ?
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    Default please how to fix this problem

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuthlain View Post
    Omitting DMNC_Coalition.pack is probably preferable.

    it takes out italy as a playable faction in the Coalition Campaign but makes Great Britain, Austria, Russia, and Prussia available.
    Hi Cuthlain,
    I did that but I still have only Italy as playable and not the other coalition factions (GB, Austria, Prussia and Russia). I removed it from the Launcher window / Advanced tab.
    Do I have to remove the file too and the line from the user script ?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Hello guys,
    Any chance anybody has a solution to the above ?
    I only have Italy as a playable faction in the Darthmod Campaign.
    Plus, when I try to play the Peninsular Campaign, I choose a faction and the game crashes immediately.
    I would appreciate your help very much.
    Many thanks in advance.

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    Hi everybody!

    I managed to install it on my Mac. Apart from the Darthmod Campaign issue (only Italy is available), I have a really weird problem where the volumetric fog of the cannons goes under the floor.

    I recorded a video and uploaded it in a Reddit forum if you need to take a look:

    Does anybody know why this happens?

    Many thanks in advance.

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