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Thread: Changes of modfiles don't work ingame

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    Default Changes of modfiles don't work ingame


    I got the problem, that I change something at the mod data but the changes don't show up ingame.

    For example:

    I'm playing with Darthmod 8.0.1. I wanted to remove rank fire for most units while just leaving it for some elite units. So I opened units_to_units_abillities_junctions_tables from "DME_darthmod.pack" with DB Editor and removed several rows with "rank_fire". Then I saved the file and started the game. But with my savegame as well as a new started game all units still could fire by rank.

    If for example I change unit stats, again nothing changes ingame.

    Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong?
    And, are those changes mentioned above generally savegame compatible?

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    Default Re: Changes of modfiles don't work ingame

    You need to replace it with some other firing drill-do not leave blank.

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    Default Re: Changes of modfiles don't work ingame

    Thanks for your reply!

    Alright, I replaced rank_fire with fire_and_advance and after that with platoon_fire_grouped, neither worked. Replacing with fire_volley doesn't work, because all those units already have that drill.

    Any other ideas?

    And what about savegame compatibillity? Didn't try it with a new game, because then I'd have to wait until rank fire was researched.

    In general, I'm wondering why I can't simply change files and see the effects ingame as in all the other total war games including Rome II (no experience with Shogun though)?

    edit: Ok, just found out that everything is savegame compatible. I also found out that when I replaced rank_fire with platoon_fire_grouped, as long as rank fire isn't researched yet they fire platoon style instead of volley fire. But as soon as rank fire is researched, they fire by rank again. Weird?
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    Default Re: Changes of modfiles don't work ingame

    Alright got the solution. I had to delete the rank_fire rows in unit_to_unit_abillities_junctions_tables for every unit I wished to disable it for. AND I had to delete the rank_fire rows in unit_class_to_unit_abillities_junctions for every unit class (for example elite, grenadiers, etc.) that includes units I wanted to disable rank fire for. In fact I just deleted it for every unit class.

    Then it worked!

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