Rusichi has some of the best looking unit models and good battle balance (and battle AI) but perhaps the most passive campaign AI in any mod and a problematic building cue. In my first and last campaign, after about 60 turns I could still only recruit basic spear levies and woodsmen and practically nothing else, except some occasional levy archers and two units of cavalry. The two units of cavalry were the maximum units of cavalry allowed to the player, no matter what else.

In the meantime, settlements were going down with plague, probably because the population in the settlements had increased beyond control. But even after building everything that could be built in some settlements, you could still not get offers to upgrade them. I think I only had an offer to upgrade one settlement after 60 turns of having generals with the most chivalry in it and the only thing I got was the possibility of getting some barracks that allowed a unit of senior spear militia to be recruited.

What is the point of making all those nice units, if the player never gets to see them? I can improve the AI but what are the views on the units? Should they be recruitable from earlier barracks? Or perhaps as mercenaries? Should the settlements be more easily upgradeable?