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Thread: Obeseians Warcraft mod

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    Default Re: Obeseians Warcraft mod

    New Version released today
    If you have a old version delete it and make sure there is no virtual store problems and it Should work.

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    Default Re: Obeseians Warcraft mod

    As always I love your mod!

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    My respect Obeseian !!! The mod is great. Do you need unit portraits actually Because all the units are just vanilla or generic portrait ones ??? I can make some portraits for units if you need some help.

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    Well Done Obeseian! Im with you, I do still play World of Warcraft Sometimes and if you wish I can take some screen or post some info that might be useful for you (Units, Map, generic Description etc etc). Do not hesitate to ask


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    @Obeseian I sent you a PM regarding the Mods development

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obeseian View Post
    Thanks for trying it i wasnt sure anyone would enjoy it... I guess i can continue to upload my updates as i still work on it from time to time.

    about the heretics i would remove them if i knew how.
    you are welcome

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    At first I would like to thank you Obeseian for this unique and beautiful mod . I don't know why but with the last update the exe does nothing except popping a little DOS command window that closes automatically and the game doesn't start. Any suggestionsto fix this wierd issue? Again thanks for the time you devote in to this

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    I love this mod. I will understand if this doesn't happen, but I would love it if the night elves also became playable in the future

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    Where is the new version i can't find it

    PS:im still new with this

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    Welcome to twcenter
    The newest update is here:

    it was posted on the front page of this thread.

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    Nice, it is good to see warcraft getting some attention.
    Is it possible to post some screenshots ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obeseian View Post
    Gosh i must agree with you those units look nice.

    i would add them but im not sure if they will let me.

    anywase i looked at that mod its pretty Big download 3 somthing gbs.

    my internet is pretty asbysmal at times i can probably Explain to you how to add the units.

    if we get permission and you are interested.

    its a pretty easy process when you get used to it
    Hello again, yes i may be interested in that.

    I have both mods so you just have to get the permission =).

    Btw, i know how to add music now and will try to add Warcraft music to this mod.
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    Hi great mod btw, was just wondering how I can stop the Horde and other factions like them (dark iron, scourge) from using vanilla Medieval Knights and other units like that? As it seems like the AI doesnt build any orc units what so ever and the Hordes entire army I composed of mailed knights and stuff :/ I mean the mod works perfectly it just doesnt feel quite right when the hordes army is made up of humans yeno?

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    Default Re: Obeseians Warcraft mod

    Hello there guys its obeseian.. iv seemed to have lost my email for my obeseian account...
    anywase those maild knights arent humans there a vanilla retextured unit the hordes are orcs.

    but if you want to remove them its pretty easy find the export descr buildings file and look for maild knights and remove the horde from bieng able to build them.
    from my experience it seems the blackrocks field mostly units i put in as opposed to retextued vanilla units that the regular horde is bad to use.

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    Holy crap guys!! Keep going Im shocked this mod still going. Im floored.

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    Keep going please! This is a very promising concept (will try it out now). A bit similar to WoW Risk in WCIII one suppose, but better. Total War game mechanics is the perfect kind of strategy gaming, and well deserve to be applied to Warcraft, Warhammer, Lotr and whatever you fancy, besides historical periods.

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    I am really happy this mod gets a second chance, good luck guys and great job so far.

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    Having tried it out, I'm back with feedback. It's obvious that the mod is in an alpha stage, and even in the long run (however much you feel like tackling) it's best to keep the goals humble and managable. I don't mind at all the borrowing of unit skins from Warhammer mods, particularly since Warhammer trumps Warcraft. Look if there is anything useful from Lotr mods as well!

    So, for the future:

    * More regions.

    My first game was Khaz Modan, with the entirety of Dun Morogh and Loch Modan consisting of one zone with one town each. Add subregions, such as Gnomeregan, Frostridge Troll hold and the Loch Modan Dam. Plus the Ironforge Airfield. This will be particularly good if you can borrow or find someone to make monster and creep skins/units for you, giving the possibility of having Ogres, Gnolls, Troggs, Trolls and Human bandits out in the wild.

    My second game was Quel'Thalas, and that was better. Silvermoon, Tranquilien, Fairbreeze Village, Thor Wata and Zul Aman - good thinking! Also kudos for forest walls in the zones. You could add a few more regions here, such as that ruined harbour in western Eversong Woods, the Blood Elf starting isle and Deathholme. Perhaps even the ruined half of Silvermoon as a small zone. Take a look on the WoW maps and cherry pick for maxed playthrough experience.

    * Unit portraits. As someone who often tries autoresolve battles or sees very little of the action in-close since I micromanage units zoomed out, the unit portraits may actually add more atmosphere to the game than the unit skins themselves, odd enough.

    If there is one must-do thing, this is it, along with the regions above. I don't mind riding around with human units so long as the thumbnail portraits are Warcrafty. It was way more abstract back in Starcraft I and Warcraft III custom games.

    * Switch Italian Militia for the elves, for something else.

    * Change Quel'Thalas' religion to something else than shamanism.

    * Elven Master Swordsmen costed as much as Elven Swordsmen, but were better in every way.

    * The second barrack building made me lose the ability to produce Elven units, giving me only Italian ones. Please fix.

    * More family members at start, wheter or not they're actually related to the regent is not that interesting so long as you have named characters to play around with. Their numbers grew well enough in my early games, though. Good use of portraits!

    * Borrow Elven, Dwarven, Orcish etc. interfaces from Warhammer and Lotr mods to up the playing experience.

    * Borrow ship portraits from Lotr/Warhammer mods if possible as well, or better up use pictures of Warcraft vessels.

    * Insert Warcraft music?

    * Add Kul Tiras and make Gilneas a faction of its own (Worgen units).

    Suggestions aside, I found it refreshingly fine that the game mechanics was the basic Total War ones, with an easy way to quickly expand population and cities. Other fantasy mods I've tried made it too slow and stagnant.

    So, regions and portraits. As long as those are right and there are no bugs and everything is balanced enough, I'm entirely happy with it. Well done so far, and best of luck!

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    Also it's spelt "cavalry".

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    Also it's spelt "cavalry."

    Besides, you might want to salvage building portraits from Lotr/Warhammer mods and use Warcraft pictures if possible. Maybe some quick name changes, like making brothel a Dwarven brewery for Khaz Modan etc.

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