Mod Name:Vae Victis

Mod Platform: R2
Release Status: not yet released under new name
Mod creator\team leaders:Magnar , George Patton, Roach
Mod team members:Mr Crapsley, Grace, Huskarlar, Acuru, Celticus, Ian, Balbor, Antelope, Linus Linothorax, Hloeric, Brevmi, JohnnyG, Owain, KLA, Reggoso, Godmercury, The Germans Are Coming, Ermanarich, Stealth4Health, AveMetal, finnmcule
Mod Description: Vae Victis is working hard to give every faction great and small the most historical unit roster possible. This overhaul has rebuilt all unit and equipment stats, overhauled battle and campaign mechanics, and much more. Our vision focuses on realism and historical accuracy.
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Permissions: Permission by request only