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Thread: Any clan recommendation?

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    Icon5 Any clan recommendation?

    Hey all. Thinking about starting a new game with this fantastic mod, really liking it.. Only problem I've got is, ehat clan should I pick? There are so many.

    So I was wondering if any of you can recommend me a clan you've had a fun time play as.

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    Default Re: Any clan recommendation?

    What play style do you want? Slow and around the corner, go for Date

    Want to be smacked in the middle of the action, go for Ishida.

    Then there are other factors like what was your favourite sengoku jidai character or sengoku basara character that will have an outsized influence on how you choose.

    (Its clickable by the way....An S2 overhaul mod.)

    Seriously. Click it. Its the only overhaul mod that's overhauling enough to bring out NEW clans
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