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Thread: Pike and Shot released!

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    The game is absolutely good, I think they could increase the aesthetics of units and landscape, I don't mean into the direction of more realism, but quite the opposite: into the direction of Baroque art, we have tons of paintings with tons of baroque battles, wisely the game has already adopted almost the aesthetics of a painting, well, I would have liked if they had improved the quality in this direction; I would also like to see a "fragmented" unit really "fragmented", and a "disordered" unit really "disordered", it would help a lot! I would like to see men fleeing away from the rear of the unit, and I would like to see some animation for caracoling units, but, all in all, it's a great game.

    For me the vote is a 9/10.

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    Highly recommended game!.A whole lot of fun. The key of the game is to utilize the various units you're given and to force around 60% of the enemy army to route. The campaign is the newest addition and it operates rather simply, you've got manpower, you've got money and you've got supply limits. The more territory, the more money and manpower but because of supply limits, it's almost impossible to completely overpower your enemy with sheer numbers.

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    Yesterday I saw this accidentally:

    Can't describe my happiness Finally a game making the Battle of Lepanto! The biggest naval battle ever.

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