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Thread: Europa Barbarorum Bibliography

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    Some of these may have been already posted, some of them I may have even seen posted here before going on hunting myself, but FWIW here you are...

    HALL, Jonathan M. Ethnic Identity in Greek Antiquity. 1997
    ROLLER, Duane W. Ancient Geography: the Discovery of the World in Classical Greece and Rome. 2015
    ROLLER, Duane W. The World of Juba II and Kleopatra Selene. 2003
    TAYLOR, Michael J. “Etruscan Identity and Service in the Roman Army 300–100 B.C”. American Journal of Archaeology, Vol. 121, No. 2. 2017
    TAYLOR, Michael. “Visual Evidence for Roman Infantry Tactics”. MAAR 59/60 2015
    Mouzafphaerre, aka Urwendur, Urwendil...

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    A video about the Phoenicians in Iberia. It's in spanish...

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    In terms of primary sources relate to the Indo-Greeks, the Questions of King Milinda and the Yuga Purana are among the only works about their interactions with the natives of the subcontinent written from an Indian perspective.

    Mitchner's translation of the Yuga Purana is readily available through, however the most current academic translation of the Questions of King Milinda, done by Horner, is less so.

    Additionally I am surprised that that Arthashastra is not listed, as while it may have been finalized during the 3rd century it contains crucile information on how the governments of India may have functioned around the time period of EB.

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    What are the sources for the texts on the Roman families in the game (like gens Valeria, Cornelia, etc.)?

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    A quite interesting video about gladius here:
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