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Thread: Europa Barbarorum Bibliography

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    Kartvelian (Eng -Georgian) Kingdoms and Peoples : Diauehi, Colchis, Iberia, Chalybes, Chaldeans,Saspeires,Heniochi, Taochi, Mushki , Moschi and others Kartvelian Peoples...
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    Some articles on Alexander can be found in the new issue of the Anabasis journal.

    Franca Landucci (Italy)
    Alexander, the Crown Prince
    Sabine Müller (Germany)
    Alexander and Macedonian Relations with Thebes – A Reassessment
    Luisa Prandi (Italy)
    Byzantium and Alexander the Great: A Convergence of Interests
    Nicholas Victor Sekunda (Poland)
    Alexander and Demaratus of Corinth at the Battle of the River Granicus
    Silvia Panichi (Italy)
    Alexander and Cappadocia
    Marek Jan Olbrycht (Poland)
    Alexander the Great in Sittakene and the Reorganization of his Army (331 B.C.)
    Waldemar Heckel (Canada)
    Artabazos in the Lands Beyond the Caspian
    Jeffrey D. Lerner (USA)
    Alexander’s Settlement of the Upper Satrapies in Policy and Practice
    Eduard V. Rtveladze (Uzbekistan)
    Alexander the Great’s Campaign in Basand (Baisun)
    Luis Ballesteros Pastor (Spain)
    Zopyrion’s Scythian Campaign: Historical and Historiographical Problems
    Tomasz Ślęczka (Poland)
    An Ambiguous Hero: Alexander of Macedon in Old Polish Literature: Selected Aspects

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    Nice to see that people are still contributing.

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