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Thread: Conditions for cardinal creation?

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    does anybody know if its possible to change the conditions for a priest being promoted to cardinal? I'd like to decrease the likelihood of cardinal promotions. Cause every time as soon as it's possible to build a cathedral and thus to recruit bishops, they get promoted to cardinal very quickly resulting in the college of cardinals to consist by a big part just by your own cardinals which is very counter immersive.

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    Go in the data folder in M2TW's directory,and find the file descr_campaign_db.xml.Right click it and press edit.Scroll down until you find these lines:
          <max_witches_per_region uint="1"/>
          <max_witches uint="20"/>
          <max_heretics_per_region uint="1"/>
          <max_heretics uint="80"/>
          <max_heretics_conversion_modifier float="1.0"/>
          <max_inquisitors_per_region uint="1"/>
          <max_inquisitors uint="40"/>
          <heretic_conversion_rate_modifier float="0.0075"/>
          <heretic_conversion_rate_offset float="0.025"/>
          <witch_conversion_rate_modifier float="0.0"/>
          <witch_conversion_rate_offset float="0.02"/>
          <inquisitor_conversion_rate_modifier float="0.010"/>
          <inquisitor_conversion_rate_offset float="0.04"/>
          <priest_conversion_rate_modifier float="0.004"/>
          <priest_conversion_rate_offset float="0.015"/>
          <witch_creation_modifier float="1.0"/>
          <heretic_creation_modifier float="0.4"/>
          <inquisitor_creation_modifier float="0.3"/>
          <min_cardinal_piety uint="5"/>
          <convert_to_heretic_base_modifier float="10.0"/>
          <convert_to_heretic_unorthodox_modifier float="0.7"/>
          <inquisitor_turn_start uint="20"/>
          <inquisitor_target_crusades bool="false"/>
    See the line I highlighted in red.It determines the piety value that a priest needs to have in order to be a cardinal.All you need to do is to change the 5 to a number with a higher value.It must not be more than 10.It may cause problem to the game.

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    Default Re: Conditions for cardinal creation?

    Thanks very very much! You can't imagine how long I was looking for this!

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