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    You can post here sources, photos, text etc.

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    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    I'm quite sure you'll know most of these but I'll upload them anyway
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    Few are new for me.

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    KLA, mind if I post my research here for you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marshall of France View Post
    KLA, mind if I post my research here for you?
    Yes, of course my friend.

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    I don't really have time to upload all these images, but if you're interested here are two links. One is a research/image thread for another mod, full of great images on Antigonids, Seleucids and Ptolemies. The other has only a few interesting drawings, I mean those two 3rd c BC pikemen and the one Antigonid (Royal) Peltast (since you're still working on that one...).

    I especially like those "fully" purple dyed linothoraxes, which are displayed in both threads concerning the Antigonids. I think instead of the bright yellow you're using for your Foot Companions, perhaps some could have a fully purple linothorax, along with the Royal Peltasts? The images on the second link also display the two Antigonid units wearing silver helmets, which I think look great when combined with the red tunics and purple linothoraxes. There's also an Epirote pikeman in there. I'm not sure if all that is 100% historical though, just thought you might want to take a look at them to maybe get some ideas

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    A great source about army division and numbers during the Rome II time frame:

    Some more popularized articles, but I believe quite historical seen this blogger's sources:


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    I wait for those MiniArt figures from few months. Nobody know when MiniArt will release them. I'll buy all for sure.

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