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Thread: Master Of Strategy Sengoku (MoSS) (2019/20/03)

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    Icon2 Master Of Strategy Sengoku (MoSS) (2019/20/03)

    Welcome to the Master Of Strategy Sengoku (MoSS)

    Moss Overhaul for the Shogun 2 Total War Sengoku Jidai campaign is a mod that heavily focus on variety. Do not you feel the game lacks of options and just a few of them are worthy? Do you feel the campaign is to short?. Then you will love this mod!
    New Clans


    Sorry Shot You Map Japan Based: This gives a great base for a long campaigns.
    Buildings, lots of them: This new build is based on towns, this unique building for Sengoku works as the FOTS one. So castles are no longer the limit to how many free slots you have.

    Units, and a lot: How much units? Well I have no idea to be honest, Just check this pic to get and idea. This are not all of them!

    Seassons: Did not the game has this? Yeah, but now you have specific effects for them! And they are really important!

    Reworked AI:
    Well the AI is not only trying to kill you now, they build more and you can even have them as ally which is nice.

    Totally rebalanced economy:
    The new building system with a ridicullous amount of them is not just for fun, they actually give more options, all of them important. Synergies are very very important now. Also not all provinces can become a metropolis, decitions are hard, very hard. Be aware of the tax effects, food, adminsitration costs and growth!!

    Totally rebalanced battle stats:
    Oh yeah a battle!!!!! 10 minutes loading... 1 minute and it's over .. Yey???.. Well say no more, tha battle stats make battle longer, and not even that! Unit balance is less rock papper sissors. All you can carry into battle is usefull on its own way and you will have to use them!! Go full ashigaru? Well you will have no tactical units .. Go full samurai? You will be overrun by ashigarus!! No arty? Good luck waiting 8 turns for a siege surrender!. All is important! ALL.

    New unrest system: People used to become christian or ikko.. Now they also can become angry if your province goes into crime and inequality. Be aware of the taxes and buildings!!

    New resources: Yeah, if it was hard for you to get all of them now add some more to the list.

    New tech tree: New buildings, new units, this was necessary.

    Historical Locations!!!! One of the coolest things of this mod is the amount of historical locations this include!!!

    Historical Castles!!!! Did you think that they were just pictures??? No!! This include Nagashima Castle, Osaka Castle, Himeji Castle,Edo Castle and More (I made this with half of the origical size, otherwise it would use the whole battle map! Even though you need a NASA computer to run it, so a light version is also included).

    Why i can only build a building once?
    Level one of every chain can be present once clan-wide. Upgrade the building right away to make it available again.

    I see a resource in the diplomacy panel and in the trade routes. Yet i do not have it. Why?
    The game is hardcoded and I cannot change what it displays. I'm sorry for that.

    Weierstrass: That's me
    Uanime5: Teached me about modding campaign map and picked from expanded japan several flags.
    The_Yogi: Artillery and naval mod.
    Frodo45127: Himeji, Kyoto, Emfab and some units. Also teached me about map making.
    Kami: 3D models, improved saya, animations.
    Dunestyler: Text editions.
    Sorry Shot You: I picked from his mod the base information,
    Sorinel: Made the SOTS castles mod.
    Hyoh: Historical researcher.
    Dra-San: Bugg hunter and also nightmare producer. Seriously he can find the most hidden bugg in just seconds. Also the reeskin pack.
    Darth Vader: Picked a few AI tables from him.
    Edeldin: Almost slavery around some tables (Basically he picked information from Sorry Shot You map so i could compile it)
    Akaie: Reverse Engineering from his minnor clan mods. Also took the buttons for the main menu
    Izzi: Sound Fix
    Twcenter: Knowledge and tools
    Beta Testers: You are and were really important to solve issues around the mod. Thanks for your reports. Please anyone who was a beta tester please remind me so i place you in this list: Hate - Trym - Hazzard - Vrilmachine

    Files Content And How To Install

    To install download the files, extract them and drop them into your data folder. Pick the ones you need. The files loads without mod manager.


    Must Clans
    Pick only of o these. Original only replace Hattori with Rokkaku. New Allows Imagawa, Miyoshi, Mogami and Satake.


    Must Files
    This one is mandatory


    Castles Historical

    Contains all historical castles. Made by Frodo45127, Sorinel and me.
    Can be activated and de activated at any time.

    File name

    Castles SOTS

    Contains the standar siege maps. Sorinel made these ones. From Strongholds of the Samurai mod.
    Can be activated and de activated at any time.

    File name

    Castles MoSS

    Contains the standar siege maps. Sorinel ones are better.
    Can be activated and de activated at any time.

    File name


    Scaling Difficulty

    Trigger a repetitive event starting from turn 25 that repeats and gives the player penalties.
    For experienced players.
    Do not activate after turn 25.

    File name:

    Nanban Units For All

    All clans can recruit Nanban Units with this pack.

    File name

    Trade Node Skin

    Change the trade node skin. Pick only one or none of this files.

    File name:


    Draís Units Reskin
    Change the units look.



    Use this during an end turn that is repetitive crashing. It solves a really uncommong bug if untis stick. Navies cannot move using this one.


    Changes v48
    -Added 3 new units. Portuguese Blunderbuss, Portuguese Lance Cavalry and Blunderbuss Wako
    -Wako have more moralle now
    -Wako are really cheap but cost lot to mantain
    -Wako have higher melee stats
    -Wako katana carries 2 grenades
    -Changes to Portuguese recruitment. Otomo no longer require naban for all submod

    Changes V47
    -Info card for units added (this is only visible when you recruit just one unit).
    -Fixed some paths that could no be crossed
    -Ashikaga no longer display massive province values
    -Revamped ship recruitment
    -Nanbu agent icon fixed (showed Oda)
    -Unstuck starting army for an Ai clan

    Changes V46
    -Small changes around balance and fixes
    -Added historical castles Azuchi, Iwamura, Kumamoto, Odarawa
    -SoTS castles available (Thanks to Sorinel1991)

    Changes V45
    -Katana Ki early recruitment
    -Fletcher and powder taller bonus fixed
    -Samurai armour bonus fixed
    -Turns requited to recuirt fixed
    -Ai recruiment tendency increased towards veterans
    -Reduced required provinces to win (new campaign)

    IMPORTANT!!!! I had to change a lot of unit inner coding. This was to an issue. I tested it and it's save game compatible. Only issue is that you and the AI will be able to re recruit some units (there are two of the same looking the same, but they are not). The old one (indicated by *) will die at some point and wont be able to be recruited.
    WHAT I REALLY NEED!! is you to report any bug as i mass edited this in a rush so i might have forgot somthing.

    Changes V44
    -Rebalanced the prices and turns required to build and recruit. Overall itís easier to recruit and maintain a large army while investing in buildings is more serious. The campaign develop wide faster with less early campaign hardships.
    -The AI now is more aggressive and will send more interesting armies to attack you.
    -Fixed some campaign map choke points
    -Locked some historical castles with a tech (date trigger wont work)
    -Geisha re skinned to Kunoichi
    -Changed price and agents limits
    -Satake bonuses added
    -Clan bonuses now display in campaign selection
    -Effects UI size reduced (Some texts were reduced so it take less space)
    -Fixed some text issues
    -Trumpet sounds fixed
    -Climbing damage reduced
    -Minor map fixes

    Changes V43:
    This one is a quite important update were you wont see much changes in content but should impact in gameplay.
    I reduced the resources required for some buildings and also improved AI.
    -Rebuilt regions borders. Now you get influence and trade only for true neighbours. This will make easier to understand were you get extra unrest. Also this fix issues with trade routes.
    -Fixed issues with naval trade. Some trade routes were wrongly placed.
    -FIXED AI TRADE SHIP RECRUITMENT. Now AI recruit and will use trade ships to get the nodes!!
    -Improvements on how the AI build. Now they should be building smarter. I'll keep working on this one.
    -Fixes around some buildings effects that were misplaced.
    -Shimazu gets a lumbercamp now! Be happy.

    Changes v42:
    NEW CLANS PLAYABLE: Imagawa, Miyoshi, Mogami, Satake
    Castles should no longer block the armies in the campaign map (if happens please report it)
    Blocked armies from game start unlocked
    Added Sound fix made by Izzi. Cannon sound killer should no longer be required
    Campaign start for some clans is easier as a temporal effect reduce upkeep
    Class from Mogami/Date to the north are inmune to winter
    Fixes in some castles
    Minor fixes here and there

    Changes v41:
    Nerf economy for late game:
    -Admin cost is higher
    -Bulding and tech bonuses like building cost, unit upkeep, growth, replenishment, etc are lower reaching late game.
    -Food production lowered
    -Food consuption for last tier buildings increased from 1 to 2
    -Unrest is higher
    -Taxes levels other than minimal have more negative effect in happiness and unrest. But affect a bit less growth.
    -Conversion and happines from buildings lowered. Also some half point were added. Shogun count points when they are above half. So 1.3 means 1, 1.5 means 2, -0,75 means -1.
    Overall those are the changes.

    Changes v39
    Ikko Ikki should no longer produce their own troops if their provinces rebel (not tested)
    Chosokabe extra range bonus was not working. Now they get +20 accuarcy
    Increased slot unlocking price just in case (do not affect game play, once you get the town it should be aroun 100 koku)
    Shimazu's Generals age corrected
    No longer toodler generals (got an Unicef ultimatum about it)
    Nerfed building melee and armour bonuses for camps and crafters.
    Stables food consuption reduced to 0/1/2 per level
    Fixes around Naban Quarter building (200 export and +3 cap)
    Now castles cost money to mantain instead of giving.
    Changed resource order for docs, first iron then stone
    Sengoku and Seki bune at harbour
    Increased AI tendency to develop naval tech and docs
    Nerfed samurai bonuses
    Corrected xp for lvl 8 veterancy of land units
    Monks buffed (around 2 def and changes in weird stuff, like yari being more powerfull than naginata)
    Nerfed nagamaki units
    Nerfed heroes (around -2 armour)
    Buffed veteran samurai (around +1 def)
    Land units speed abilities reduced from +33% to +20%
    Reduced foot units velocity spreed
    Increased foot units walking speed
    Reduced a bit foot units running speed overall (slowler ones are faster now)
    Reduced charge speed
    Some txt fix

    Changes v38
    hilly plane swaped to mountain 02
    New hilly plane
    Bullets can penetrate fortwall
    -Palisade 60%
    -Wood 40%
    -Stone 20%
    Changes to make Major clans last longer
    Deleted agressive AI submod
    Added no realm divide submod

    Changes v37
    Improved AI. Should be more agressive, note that Ai submod block this changes. Until i recheck that one it's recommended to not use it.
    Major clans should have better changes tu survive now.
    Improved naval AI, specially trade nodes usage.
    A wrongly placed metsuke for Tokugawa has been eliminated.
    Ninja Hero should be available for Rokkaku as unique unit.
    Yari ashigaru sashimono added.

    Changes v36
    -Tea fields icon changed (was wrong)
    -Fixed some duplicated building names
    -Fixed some building effects
    -Locked leased land, if you have one delete it.
    -Reduced admin cost logaritmic base (admin cost should be higher now)
    -Nihon Maru and Otaka Bune up. Nihon Maru cost a lot unless you own Kyoto.

    Google Drive (V48)
    Files For Moders

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    Default Re: Total Strategy Mod

    Quote Originally Posted by Weierstrass View Post
    Possible feature: Dynamic cap. Not yet tested but i think that it's possible to set recruiment to cap to each new building you make
    It is possible and quite easy to implement. Here's an example:
    1. Effects: create a new effect called unit_cap_teppo_samurai, choose an appropriate icon and set the priority to anything above 0.
    2. Effect_bonus_value_unit_record_junction: add unit_cap_teppo_samurai, set bonus_value_id to "unit_cap" and choose the teppo samurai as "unit_record_key".
    3. Building_factionwide_effects: now you can use your dynamic unit cap as building effect. Note that units with synamic unit caps need an absolute unit cap of 1 in units_table.

    Quote Originally Posted by Weierstrass View Post
    I need cai experts
    The UAI mod and DaVinci's Shogun 2 Realism+ would be a good start as they have improved the CAI.
    My Mod:
    Shogun II Total Realism
    A realism mod for Shogun II, Rise of the Samurai and Fall of the Samurai

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    Default Re: Total Strategy Mod

    Possible feature: Dynamic cap. Not yet tested but i think that it's possible to set recruiment to cap to each new building you make
    So what you want is using different building as dynamic unit cap limiter.Check my RGM mod to compare, what you seek its already done, you can also use shogun 2 realism made by Destin since he also implement dynamic unit cap in building, i know what your goal is, so if you build 3 dojo samurai lvl 1 you get 3 katana samurai, if you upgarde it to level 2 dojo you get 3 heavy samurai, so if we build 1 archer dojo,lvl 3 naginata dojo, lvl 2 samurai dojo, we can get different maximum and quality army you can field.

    Just for you know, since we already cut the ability of ai to spam, that mean ai will react differently since you already cut his wing, blindly use other people CAI will resulting strange behaviour for ai (since when they make it, dynamic unit cap its still not exist only artifical made by limiting it into 10 or 20 numbers, you cant blame them too, so you also need to fix its so ai will proper expand.

    Hey the art work is quite good especialy ninja using teppo
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    Default Re: Total Strategy Mod

    Thank you guys.

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    Default Re: Total Strategy Mod

    ^ Faster than levy routing.

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    Default Re: Total Strategy Mod

    In this mod faster than a forzed ashigaru routing (?)

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    Default Re: Total Strategy Mod

    Ah, once upon a time I planned to do something like this..but then I got lazy, just like the usual. I did made a Building Pack for FoTS though.

    My Suggestions:
    -Clan Control: Give some small bonus for ashigarus, tax, repression and allow metsuke
    This is Clan Internals, so how about Inter-Clan Branch, in the form of Audience Chambers or Legendary Chanoyu Tea Rooms. A Clan can only build one. It can provide Diplomacy and Daimyo Honor Bonuses.

    -Construction Chain: This is Sekigahara Campaign Rip-off actually; Provides Construction Time and Cost Reductions.

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    Default Re: Total Strategy Mod

    Well if you want you could help me (?) .. Frodo is also helping

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    Default Re: Total Strategy Mod

    Ah, once upon a time I planned to do something like this..but then I got lazy, just like the usual.
    Professional Procrastinator
    [malas = penyakit yang obatnya mesti di ]

    Dont forget the more depth and harder some unit to get recruit for human, its 3x harder for Ai to recruit it, for example i set yari monk only enable by building temple + barrack, i do notice most ai dont even build barack,even they build barrack the city slot is full or even they did make temple + barrack its only 1-3 clan did manage it eventualy.Since ai is not human, ai will continue to upgrade, not waiting till they reseach certain technology, for simple is, the ai actualy dont have plan what province will be focused building, they just used from CAI building priorities,and what enable for them, while there is remedy for this, by removing all building required technology.Still if someone want the vanilla style that need technology to unlock building,then the best option is resimple the recruitment unit method,so the ai actualy can recruit it.
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    Default Re: Total Strategy Mod

    Yeah i'm aware about that .. I'll try to make simple path, if not it will be almost imposible for the ai to make them .. maybe using the dinamic cap (one building give the cap and other the recruitment)

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    Default Re: Total Strategy Mod well there are a lot of ashigarus

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    Default Re: Total Strategy Mod

    What's the one between Long ari Ashigaru and Katana Ashigaru?

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    Default Re: Total Strategy Mod

    Katana ashigaru tier one .. some kind of ''obligated conscription'' soldier .. anyways those are the less interesting units. Samurais are done, but monks, heroes and special not. Also the units have no balance yet and buldings even less

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    Default Re: Total Strategy Mod

    Well Weierstrass, have you see the mettle blade concept who used province,as region requirement ? combined with dynamic units caps, its will make very very evolved dynamic recruitment , shogun 2 mods ever know, the problem is it will require quite massive editing, for example if there is 137 province, then for just 1 units yari ashigaru you will need make 137 new uits stats,unit table,and dynamic caps, back there i try to make it, but surrender since i use to many unit, if there is 50 unit then , 50 x 137=6850, just for one table, not to mention cdir,unit quality, etc etc. This job is require a lot energy to finish it. But if you can put it into your mods, then i must say salute for your effort Sir, No one able to do this not because they dont know but because they dont think have the guts to see it done (including me)
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    Default Re: Total Strategy Mod

    hmm, but why would i use the 2 systems? I mean, which would be the benefit? If i have the building in any province and that province i'll be able to recruit that unit. If i have the building or the province not... but in dinamic cap if you have the building it's okay. So you may think that it's different, but if values are correctly managed would be the same with a lot of less work

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    Default Re: Total Strategy Mod

    less work is just use building, more work is just to make some realism, so if the troop create from Owari province, for example Owari Bow Ashigaru, the difference only its name, well if you want to tweak the stats also to make some difference, well its just my suggestion, dont take it to seriously, since the amount of work editing db is HUGE
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    Default Re: Total Strategy Mod

    yeah i understand what do you say. But i think that it's unnecesary for what i want. Even more, since i did not use startpos and adapted all the system for that it will be a bit sad XD

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    Default Re: Total Strategy Mod ''Early units beta'' 18/10/14

    18/10/14 Early Units Beta released

    26/10/14 Early Campaign Beta released
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    Default Re: Total Strategy Mod ''EARLY CAMPAIGN BETA'' 26/10/14

    Conggrats for first released Sir Weierstrass
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    Default Re: Total Strategy Mod ''EARLY CAMPAIGN BETA'' 26/10/14

    Ty... I'm working hard to complete it. The work to be done is mostly balancing and adding effects, but some other features may be added (it depends if I'm able to do them)
    pd:I killed generals movement accidentaly. The problem is solved now

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